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I would return it, and get the Riviera knit (bond 007 inspired polo) for $125 off Mr Porter. I usually wear slimmer 15.5/39 shirts and the S size fits me really well. The Bond polo is cut to flatter your body, and I love that polo so much. Been wearing it about 10 times now (hand wash) and the color/collar still remains nice. Got mine for about $105 from ASOS during their sale.
No prob
Can't wait for Thursday to come to see what Uncle Spoo has for sale this week
I hope my post did not offend you in any way. I have no experience with Hermes ties, but just thought I would share that ebay guide just in case it really is a fake.
The above Hermes Silk Knit Tie might be a fake. According to ebay's guide to Hermes fake tie, an authentic hermes tie never have Hermes - Paris under it unless it is a scarf pattern tie. Refer to :http://reviews.ebay.com/The-Hermes-Tie-Fake-Knock-Off-or-Authentic_W0QQugidZ10000000002989634
Ernest/Ernie here. Joined styleforum after I happened upon it while looking for a used dress shirt online (Zegna). Recently upgraded to a bespoke navy suit from my old $100 polyester suit. 20 years old, international student from Malaysia and have been studying in the States for 3.5 years. Will be graduating December 2011 and most probably working full time as a mining engineering somewhere in the States here. Proud owner of a manual transmission E36 M3
Interesting.. Thanks for sharing. From what I read it seems it is pretty leak proof. Wonder if we should start getting splitters to use these type of atomizer. EDIT: Just read that it is 4ml capacity. But thank you very much for the suggestion. Looks awesome.
Hi guys, I've always had the trouble of alot of my pricey Creed fragrances leaking out from my atomizer and leaving like a little pool in the ziplock bags and it hurts me to see it. Does anybody have any solution to this? I seem to only have leaking problem when I bring them in flight, and no leaking problem at all if I am just driving between states. Does anybody know any atomizer that is leakproof? (Creed Atomizer?) Your experiences/advices will be much appreciated.
http://cgi.ebay.com/Brunello-Cucinelli-Brown-Suede-Oxford-Dress-Shoes-9-NEW-/320743371521?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item4aadcb7301 I remember someone was asking Spoo about this same exact shoe awhile ago..
The second link looks like the label in the shoe was cut off from like a dress shirt or something.. Can't tell if the first one is fake though. What tipped you off?
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