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I just avoid going to the gym = no sweat in my running shoes
You might be right. My last UK7 shoe that I made back in October 2012, I requested Philip to add a little cork to the last, about 1-2mm on each side. So far I've only worn that new shoe once, can't tell if it really helps yet, but I think you are correct about trying to find the correct width. Just wondering though, is it possible for a shoe to be 're-lasted' with a slightly bigger last with the same amount of leather currently? As in, can my UK7 be adjusted to be wider /...
Brotherhood of the boots Wore them in the snow, rain, and then hail today in NYC and visited Leffot. #wearwithoutcare
I agree with what you said about how many people have said to size 0.5 down on St Crispins. I strongly disagree against this though, unless you like a super tight fit. I'm a 7.5 UK in most shoes, I own 2 pairs of UK7 and the boots is a UK7.5. In my opinion, I think I am a 7.5F in Saint crispin and I regret buying two pairs in UK7. Those two pairs in a smaller size fits me very very snugly, and hurts my pinky toe (callus forms) after walking too much
I believe that's a 104 instead of 105. 105 is with brogueing. Very nice color/finish on the shoe by the way. Stc boots in the wild on the NYC subway today
It's still up for sale, size 11.5 US
Doesn't look like Cordovan to me, and judging from the two royal warrant stamps on the sole, this John Lobb should be fairly old since I believe they only have 1 Royal Warrant now. That's all I know about Lobb's. Good luck.
It's fine once you get over it, arent creases part of the character of a shoe anyway? I have 3 pairs of Saint Crispins, they crease the same way as pictured in the few posts above (grainy texture) but I still prefer them over any other shoes that I own.
$1700 as of 2012 for boots, $1600 for regular calf shoes.
A little confused if its a size 8 (in the title), or a size 11.5 (description). Anyway, I believe it's a size 11.5, and he just copy pasted the title wrongly from the last auction which I won (which was a size 8). The boots are amazing, and actually came with a pair of free Sozzi socks, as well as a plastic shoe horn and a suede brush. Pretty damn good deal for $650.
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