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It's the Saint Crispin thread brah. Those are MTO 'PC' boots.http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2012/12/29/saint-crispins-the-pc-boot-lsw/
Personally, I just let them air out to dry for about 1-2 hours, and then tree them without brushing them. I don't put them back into the bags because I wear my shoes more than once per week. Every weekend I brush them and at least wipe them with a damp cloth, and polish them if deemed necessary.I never condition the sole, although some people might tell you otherwise. e.g: the video on Crockett & Jones' website about shoecare said to put Saphir Reno on the soles.
Interesting. Thanks for the information, I might need to consult with Philip to resole my other two pairs to maybe make them slightly wider when they are due for resoling (maybe in a year or two). Care to confirm what the resoling cost is with St. Crispin? From your description, it seems like they do make good observations and suggestions.
I just avoid going to the gym = no sweat in my running shoes
You might be right. My last UK7 shoe that I made back in October 2012, I requested Philip to add a little cork to the last, about 1-2mm on each side. So far I've only worn that new shoe once, can't tell if it really helps yet, but I think you are correct about trying to find the correct width. Just wondering though, is it possible for a shoe to be 're-lasted' with a slightly bigger last with the same amount of leather currently? As in, can my UK7 be adjusted to be wider /...
Brotherhood of the boots Wore them in the snow, rain, and then hail today in NYC and visited Leffot. #wearwithoutcare
I agree with what you said about how many people have said to size 0.5 down on St Crispins. I strongly disagree against this though, unless you like a super tight fit. I'm a 7.5 UK in most shoes, I own 2 pairs of UK7 and the boots is a UK7.5. In my opinion, I think I am a 7.5F in Saint crispin and I regret buying two pairs in UK7. Those two pairs in a smaller size fits me very very snugly, and hurts my pinky toe (callus forms) after walking too much
I believe that's a 104 instead of 105. 105 is with brogueing. Very nice color/finish on the shoe by the way. Stc boots in the wild on the NYC subway today
It's still up for sale, size 11.5 UShttp://www.ebay.com/itm/Saint-Crispins-Utility-Boot-mens-Size-11-1-2-US-/170966312291?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item27ce62e563
Doesn't look like Cordovan to me, and judging from the two royal warrant stamps on the sole, this John Lobb should be fairly old since I believe they only have 1 Royal Warrant now. That's all I know about Lobb's. Good luck.
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