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http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-LORO-PIANA-HUNTER-GREEN-TWO-PIECE-YOUNG-HORSEY-JACKET-COAT-VEST-CASHMERE-/220856088738?pt=US_CSA_WC_Outerwear&hash=item336c0c78a2 Decent BIN? I think retail ~$2000
I'm a graduating senior in Mining Engineering Undergrad program. PM me if I can help you with some details.
I will be interviewing soon for a job at a company that makes software similar to AutoCAD, except it is for mining purposes. You know how they always ask if you have any questions for them after an interview? I have always been told that you should never say that you have no questions for them, which show a lack of interest on your part, but asking obvious questions such as "What do you expect from a starting engineer?" displays, again, a lack of interest/research on my...
Yeah I remember you sold yours for like 300 pounds or something. You had another pair of blue suede one too which were too tempting, but unfortunately not my size.
Looking for a US 8.5D suede loafer, would that be UK7.5 Kiton size then?
^ Not available to United States .. Otherwise a really nice loafer for a good price. Does this UK8 fit more ike a US 9.5D?
Baller Congrats on your new gloves P.S: Picking up my first bespoke suit in about 3 hours
Just curious Spoo, what was your max bid on it?
Kinda hard for me to see the pocket on your shirt to identify if it was the Riviera, but I think you should go a size down.
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