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BC sweater is the one right below Mattabisch. Cardigan maybe? Both TF and Mattabisch too big
Deets on Tom Ford, Mattabisch and BC sweater?
Shoe cleaning day
Just curious about this statement, because I think Saint Crispin's say it's hand welted, and not "100% handmade claim". As far as my little understanding of shoes, their "Genuine hand welted shoes" claim refers to how they stretch the leather over the last by hand and welting it right?Feel free to correct/educate me if I'm mistaken with some terms. Regardless, handmade or machine-made, I'm a fan of their style and comfort anyway.
Pretty interesting vintage shoe last:
[[SPOILER]] Classic last tree porn.Also, I recently learned about a brand called Zonkey Boots which was cofounded by Michael Rollig, the founder of St Crispin's and Phillip Car's cousin. I like this pair of their shoe particularly. [[SPOILER]] You could see similarities of characters from St Crispin in some of their shoes but at a much more affordable price.
Checked with Steve from Leffot at NYC just 2 weeks ago, it's about 120 euros, ~~ 160USD which from what I understand is much cheaper than other brands.
Sartoriale just listed a whole bunch of Max Verre (Tom Ford) Shoes along with these:
Dodged the bullet by half a size
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