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Custom order from Vanda with chinese monogram
Thanks for that post, Bengal Stripes. Really enjoyed reading it.
Priority.. It is already in Romania. Apparently they expect Phillip to pick it up, but he's not sure which post office it is.
So I mailed my pair of shoes for last adjusting to Phillip recently through USPS, and the last information on the tracking info was on April 17th, showing "Arrival at pick-up point" and Phillip has not received it yet. In hindsight, I should have shipped it through DHL as suggested by Phillip Anyone has experience shipping to the StC office before (using whichever postal service) care to discuss?
Anyone has experience with their white knit shirt can describe how opaque is the XinJiang cotton material? I personally don't like my white shirt to be see-through. Also, is the cut on the knit shirts really slim? It would help if someone could compare their sizes that they wear in other brands with the sizing of the knit shirts (S,M,L etc).
Ahh, I see. MTO w/ PRET Custom as quoted above actually refers to "Pret customization" by Saint Crispin's, where you can add or subtract width on a standard last. An example would be, I had 2 pairs made on UK7F, and later on figured out that they were too narrow. I recently sent my shoes back to Romania where their factory is, and requested it to be re-lasted on UK7.5F, with 3mm added to the toe adjustments. What they do is glue on some wood onto a standard last, and...
Allen? Or did you mean Phillip Car? May I ask how much was the upcharge for Cordovan, and are regular Calf still $1,600?
Are there any upcharge for Shell Cordovan from the regular calf at $1,600 before tax?
Those shoes look good. Go with Saphir branded cream. Can't go wrong with them. As far as the color of the cream, it depends if you want the shoe to darken (pick a darker) or not (pick a lighter shade) of brown.
Thanks for those pictures to explain the differences. Is it mostly aesthetic, or does it serve specific purpose for you to request for it - aside from gaining a little height with a taller heel?
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