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Allen? Or did you mean Phillip Car? May I ask how much was the upcharge for Cordovan, and are regular Calf still $1,600?
Are there any upcharge for Shell Cordovan from the regular calf at $1,600 before tax?
Those shoes look good. Go with Saphir branded cream. Can't go wrong with them. As far as the color of the cream, it depends if you want the shoe to darken (pick a darker) or not (pick a lighter shade) of brown.
Thanks for those pictures to explain the differences. Is it mostly aesthetic, or does it serve specific purpose for you to request for it - aside from gaining a little height with a taller heel?
Can someone explain what a Cuban heel is? How do they differ from normal Saint Crispin heels, or is that the default?
Is that pair worn with the corduroys pants above an EG Dover?
I believe MoL took those pictures-it has a similar setup as his other shoe pictures. I believe MoL just meant that he bought those from The Armoury.
As the title suggests, for sale is a pair of Aubergine suede double monk from George Cleverley with a dainite sole that is perfect for Spring weather. Size: UK7.5 (fits true to size) The color of this pair of shoe is brownish with a hint of Aubergine (maroon purplish) Retails at $899, selling for $550>>>$400 (One and only drop) shipped CONUS. Worn 1X, will ship with box, trees, shoe bags and shoes (obviously). See picture for more deets. PM if you need anymore details
I actually have a pair of StC boots in UK7.5F that I got for cheap from ebay and wore today. The width on the UK7.5F seems to work better for me with less pinching, possible due to a longer toe, thus the width generally narrows down more gradual than a UK7. However, I believe I experience some heel slipping.In general I think most people size down by 0.5 from their usual UK size for StC, and go a width or two up if needed. Again, the only surefire way is to try one out in...
Are you referring to how my feet fits? My asian feet fits fine in a UK7F (I usually wear UK7.5) except that my pink toe is crushed on a normal width, so I had Phillip add some width to the toe box. Heel/Instep etc are fine, maybe slightly tight on the instep (which I would just not lace as tight)
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