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Nothing ever fits me
Deets on Kiton pents?
They do have a prominent Saint Crispin type crease, not that I mind that at all. I have the exact same model in Austerity brogue in a different color. His probably has not really been worn much yet when this picture was taken.
I can't comment on the fitting of Church's or John Lobb's because I own neither, but I've read somewhere that different people have different expectation of what is a good fit for shoes. I believe George Glasgow Jr of Cleverley mentioned something about some client are clearly a size 9, yet they want a size 7 shoe and is perfectly happy with that; some on the other hand like their feet to swim in the shoes. I personally prefer my shoes to be fit such that my toes don't...
They are meant to be tight. My new pair that just came actually fits very tight compared to my other pair that I bought used on eBay. You will notice that each pair of shoe tree is actually made specifically to each order, you will see the order # under the hollow part of the instep. I believe StC is currently running around 10,000-11,000 order numbers. My pair that was order in October 2012 was order # 10678, and my older pair is #8,xxx.If you find the shoe trees hard to...
I wanna say.. Saint Crispin? Has that Classic Last look to it.
True, I see that you posted a picture of the Austerity brogue in burgundy. I have that pair on the Classic last, if you need more photo to make a decision send me a PM Adding on to that, StC's russian reindeer double monk is a beauty that you might consider too.
Good for you! StC FTMFW. Design on the Saint Crispin's? I vote for seamless 'Simply'
Shoes are Corthay Satan.
Chris Crat, what maker are those shoes you polished in your video? Lobbs? Looks beautiful.
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