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I wanna say.. Saint Crispin? Has that Classic Last look to it.
True, I see that you posted a picture of the Austerity brogue in burgundy. I have that pair on the Classic last, if you need more photo to make a decision send me a PM Adding on to that, StC's russian reindeer double monk is a beauty that you might consider too.
Good for you! StC FTMFW. Design on the Saint Crispin's? I vote for seamless 'Simply'
Shoes are Corthay Satan.
Chris Crat, what maker are those shoes you polished in your video? Lobbs? Looks beautiful.
I recently got some shoe laces from Saint Crispin's, but they sent me what I assumed were flat laces for boots, which end up being too long for my regular lace-ups. Does anyone have any idea if it is possible to cut it short and have a cobbler or someone crimp the ends back together so they don't fray?
BC sweater is the one right below Mattabisch. Cardigan maybe? Both TF and Mattabisch too big
Deets on Tom Ford, Mattabisch and BC sweater?
Shoe cleaning day
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