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They are on the October Rubber sole (similar to Dainite)
John lobb St Crépin 2012 from HKIA in suede with shearling lining. Paid a little overpriced for it, but the salesgirl was cute and I got her #
This video has been posted multiple times throughout this forum but it never gets old Great music and great handicraft.
Porque no los dos?
IWC Portuguese Automatic ~$12k MSRP.
That 10% MTO doesnt sound familiar to me. Last time I was in Leathersoul, all in all I paid $1,600, had a shoe made in Classic last instead of Chiseled last (Saint Crispin 104 in burgundy on leathersoul's website), made some width adjustments by adding 2mm on both side of my toe, was offered metal toe taps but declined (maybe it would have costed more), and it came with shoe trees. Personally I dont like the sound that metal toe tap makes, so I opted against it. I guess...
My favorite is the Classic last, but that's because I don't enjoy chiseled last of any brands at all. You should be able to get your initials nailed on the shoe, or maybe your chinese last name (Ethan had it done before). I thought shoe trees should be included at the $1,600 price? Anyway, I would opt for the hollow shoe tree. They are a work of art,extremely light and strong which makes it a good travel tree, and well worth the $100 extra. They do have different lasts as...
I believe the Russian reindeer that Saint Crispin uses is actually a new kind (not the one from the sunken ship) and I believe the price point is the same ~1,600 USD or so. You should check with Thomas Park and report back though.
I think the first option looks good, although I'm not really feeling the curvy line running along the side of the shoe. 3rd option is good too, ever considered Russian reindeer skin? Personally I would go with a double monk without a captoe. I think a stretched (almost wholecut) like leather is easier to shine because of the shallower pores, and also the crease that you would eventually get from Saint Crispin's shoe should form a 'captoe' like effect anyway. I own a pair...
Nothing ever fits me
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