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I find the henley pretty trim especially if you machine wash/dry it. I typically wear a US36 size but I take a Large in the Henley. I have the green one in medium, which fits trim, and the petrol blue one in Large which is a great weekend casual wear.
Sweet grandad collar shirts. Did I spy some in seersucker fabric?
Antonio, I believe you have mentioned that the casual shirts might fit slightly differently than the dress shirt due to some material being washed? For example, if I take a 15.5 in the washed Japanese denim, would I go up a size in these slim fit dress shirt, or keep the same size?Love the extra long collar point on those spread collars, by the way.
It's been awhile since I have worn both my Rain and these boots, but I believe the Rain has a tighter instep than these boots. I believe Stc Classic last are generally slightly more forgiving for wide/fat feet than the Rain last (size being equal of course).
Woah the DB grey chalk striped and 3 piece navy chalk stripe!
Nope the sizing wasn't off, this is for sale just because of lack of wear. I am a UK 7.5 in Carmina, no experience with EG.
Almost brand new, worn and washed once. Price includes shipping CONUS and nearly $170 off of retail price. 15.5/39 is already out of stock. Shirt box included. Pictures can be found here: Pit to Pit - 21" Sleeves - 34.8"
Can I give you my feet measurement for shoe sizing advice?
Hey Greg&co, Care to share when and what to expect from Eidos for Fall drops?
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