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Eidos Donegal tweed DB jacket available in size EU48 for 50% off! Too bad they don't have EU46 anymore. http://www.carsonstreetclothiers.com/shop/clothing/product/997/tenerosummerdonegaldoublebreastedblazer
For sale are a pair of almost brand new (tried on once) AS limited edition Horween Hatch Grain slip-ons I purchased from A Fine Pair of Shoes recently. Price is $350 which includes shipping CONUS (CURRENTLY ON HOLD) They are tagged UK7.5F but unfortunately for me, they fit longer than a US8.5D and is closer to a US9.0D/E. It will definitely accommodate for slightly wider than normal feet. Here is the link to the exact pair on AFPOS'...
Cool, would be interested to know the actual cost for resoling, but I'm fairly certain it will be much more reasonable than say JL/Hermes.
How long have you owned those StC before re-sole? I am assuming you wear/walk a lot in them. What's the pricing like for a resole, and what's included? Full resole, or everything but the waist?
I currently have a commitment on the Drapers Navy Hopsack, but am willing to jump ship onto the Drapers wool/silk/linen check if that will help make the project a go.
Go Team Hopsack!
Greg I'm just waiting for the suit to come in tomorrow for sizing concerns, but definitely still interested in the navy hopsack. Can you perhaps post a picture of that fabric in natural light too like the other fabrics? EDIT: Nevermind just saw it (missed it the first time). It does looks quite a lot lighter than navy in natural light.
@in stitches He goes by Jcklh on instagram.
I do. And you thought you've seen all the narcissism on SF
Framed and hanged - sketch done by a friend of my Saint Crispin's
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