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Cool, would be interested to know the actual cost for resoling, but I'm fairly certain it will be much more reasonable than say JL/Hermes.
How long have you owned those StC before re-sole? I am assuming you wear/walk a lot in them. What's the pricing like for a resole, and what's included? Full resole, or everything but the waist?
I currently have a commitment on the Drapers Navy Hopsack, but am willing to jump ship onto the Drapers wool/silk/linen check if that will help make the project a go.
Go Team Hopsack!
Greg I'm just waiting for the suit to come in tomorrow for sizing concerns, but definitely still interested in the navy hopsack. Can you perhaps post a picture of that fabric in natural light too like the other fabrics? EDIT: Nevermind just saw it (missed it the first time). It does looks quite a lot lighter than navy in natural light.
@in stitches He goes by Jcklh on instagram.
I do. And you thought you've seen all the narcissism on SF
Framed and hanged - sketch done by a friend of my Saint Crispin's
DWF, if I understood your explanation correctly, are you saying that a line of stitching parallel to the "XXXX" as shown in your picture will weaken the tongue and make it prone to tearing? And therefore, there's isn't a row of stitching in your picture along that "XXXX" line?
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