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Europrep, it looks like the tracking is through DHL. While I have had fair experiences with DHL, I should caution you on several things.1) I have read on omegaforums that apparently DHL are pretty prone to theft (at the Germany location), especially with customs value shown outside the box. I was lucky, but several other forum members were not too lucky. Their watch were stolen and I would make absolutely sure that you check the content before signing for it. According to...
Which Inglese did you buy @Newcomer? Also, did you end up buying the red pleated Camoshita Pants? Interested in fit pics if you did.
Stitch, deets on the DB jacket/suit? Is that from Panta?
Perhaps you want to consider what Antonio Ciongoli had to say about this suit in this article:http://nomanwalksalone.tumblr.com/post/103646259352/five-gift-ideas-antonio-ciongoli-of-eidos-afterThat's if you have not caved and purchased the suit already
Technically this one is "inverse-panda", but I share your notion. I prefer inverse over regular panda.I hope that doesn't happen to me as I've prolly purchased over $15K of imported items in the last few months Are custom fees tax deductible?
Pretty terrible picture, click for larger.
Regarding customs fees, I got delivery of a Heuer watch that I paid $7,000 for (full price noted on the value for insurance purposes), shipped by DHL from Italy and I have not received a customs bill yet (since 12/24/14). I also bought another UG from Germany for $3.5K, shipped through DHL and have not received any bill yet (since November 2014).
Greg, Considering that the S&C cardigans have to be remade, is it possible for you to squeeze another order in? I have the size S and I love it as an oversized cardigan, but I would possibly like it in an XS as well for a fitted cardigan look. This is for the lambswool cardigan. Ernest
@Newcomer RE your pic, what jacket is that? Looks really nice. And as far as the other things, Rota pants, Mazz shirt, JLC watch, and C&J Weymouth?
Happy 2015 to my fellow NMWA members, Greg & the team. Wore my Mazz shirt and NMWA special drakes tie tonight
New Posts  All Forums: