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Sumptuous soft, unlined Mercer & Sons collar in Classic Blue Oxford
@PaintSplattered New customers get 25% off their oxford fabrics too! I recommend the blue university stripe, if not the silver cloud solid oxford / the silver cloud stripe. @dieworkwear Birthing collar you said? https://www.instagram.com/p/BHiqrevhqQ1/
I have two shirts from Mercer and Sons, both using their slimming option. The first shirt has a 15" collar and a 14" neck-size-body with a 4" waist taper, while the second grey shirt is 15.5/14.5 with a 6" waist taper, which is a half size up. For reference, I'm about a 36R suit size on a skinny day. While the shirt is voluminous even after the slimming, especially when you look at the chest and waist measurements on paper, I think it's part of M&S' intent to not have...
In action with the lady's watch
Peacock Lin cable, you said?
They look slightly different to me in the collar, and the placket is longer on one vs the other (4 buttons vs 3) Hemline is also different (one is rounded vs another is flat across)
In my experience, Inglese do fit rather slim. For reference, I am a US 36-37 suit build - 5'9" and 153 lbs
Shoulder to shoulder is about 17" Waist about 17.5"
Just added the measurements.
Antonio, I think he might be talking about the one that was featured on GQ awhile back.Quick question about that banded collar navy linen popover at Coachman - if I take a size 40 in the chambray spread collar from last season, would I take the same size or do I size up since it's 100% linen? Is the color a true-navy like the photoshoot?
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