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For sale is a Sartoria Formosa Blazer in "Less-than-Navy" color purchased through a special group MTO through No Man Walks Alone. The tagged size is an EU44 but Formosa jacket fits a little bit roomier than most other brands so please check measurements below. Pricing at full asking price ($880) includes: NMWA Hanger, NMWA suit carrier, USPS Priority shipping within CONUS. Original price was around $1,300. The jacket has the following characteristics: Shoulder - Spalla...
So are the Dalcuore and Liverano pre-owned and meant for auction, or New RTW to be sold like the Barbours? Asking for a friend.
Heavy breathing intensifies. Deets pls
Dalcuore sizes?
The jacket was purchased on sale for about $500 (retail was $995) and I had 8 hand-sewn buttonholes into it. The fabric is a soft wool and possible cashmere/silk blend. For sale at $385 shipped with USPS Priority within CONUS Measurements as follow: Shoulder straight across: 16.5" P2P: 17" with 2nd button fastened Bottom of Collar Length: 29" Sleeves from Shoulder: 24" Price includes the Eidos lapel pin and hanger if bought at full asking price.
Antonio, While we are discussing sweater, can you comment about this sweater here? Love the design and the fabric, especially the fact that it's machine washable (85% cotton 15% cashmere) and I don't have to worry about bringing it to the dry cleaners for small stains. Although nowadays, my girlfriend steals/wears it more often than I get to nowadays.
Antonio - in addition, can you comment more about the Japanese oxford in Ecru / Natural used in the Courtier shirt you linked above? It is always interesting to read about the mill / story behind a shirt or design. Also, what is the weight of t he Japanese oxford? I am used to OCBDs from Mercer and Sons and their oxford are like selvedge denim - stiff at first but well worth the effort to wear them in until they are soft.
Thanks. I remember now, it was called the Aldo model. Collar is extremely soft and comfortable to wear. Can you comment on what you mean by a different construction? Is this referring to lining / fusing? Is the Aldo completely unlined / unfused, and how is the collar on the Coutier treated?
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