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Bump w/ new price.
Not sure about washing history, since I got them second hand... but they've definitely gone through a cold machine wash/tumble dry (with me), and probably one or two other wash/rinse/soaks from the previous owner. Also, slight price drop per rules. edit: pending sale.
Photo gallery available here: Measurements are: 15" across waist 32" inseam 6.75" leg opening 9" front rise 10" thigh As you can see, fairly well-worn but with plenty of fading left in the jeans! No "blowout" problem in crotch or inner thighs; has a small repair for the top fly button (reinforced the stitching around the hole). Tagged as a 29; waist is about 30", but fits very slim and low. Asking 65... 61... $57 (price drop!) shipped...
Price drop, thread bump, you know the drill.
What about organizing a small group buy to save us both on shipping? We can get 10 pairs sent to one address in the US -- say for maybe $100 shipping, even a little bit more -- then have them re-shipped to individual buyers at a much cheaper rate. So... $100 split ten ways is $10, then another $6 for USPS Priority. That saves each buyer about $20 per pair.
Price on Evisu tee?
Thai selvage Levi knockoffs/replicas here, in a very slim 28:
Any interest in a G.O.L.D. (brand) raw black selvage jeans? Not much info about the company, made in SF a few years ago. Hot soaked to cover all shrinkage, worn a few times, no real signs of fading (but not good enough to call NWOT) Waist 16" Inseam 32" Front rise 11.5" Thigh 12" Hem 8.25" Front Back Tag
Bump for price drop
First... Thai "Levi" knockoffs tagged as "Live's". I got em from a proxy 2+ years ago, and they've never fit quite right. Been hot soaked, tagged 28, now measures: Blue Waist 15" Inseam 26.5" Rise 9.25" Thigh 11" Hem 7.25" Front Out-of-focus backside Hem and selvage Back pocket loose sewing detail I wear 27-29 in several other jeans, but these are MUCH smaller because of the low fit on the waist and skinny thighs. Condition is fine... some wear on the butt (from a bike...
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