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Thanks! Did you match the blue to the blue pants?
Hello, I am putting together an outfit for a casual wedding in mid August. I'd like to wear a pair of slim fit blue chinos that I just bought. The shade is right between blue and navy blue. I was going to wear tan oxfords and maybe a red tie. First off is it okay to wear a jacket or blazer with chinos? Any suggestions on jacket color and shirt would be appreciated!
pale yellow or navy blue, what color is the shirt you plan on wearing?
I went to the sears in the nearby mall. They did have the Sportsmans line, but not the quilted jacket I want. However, I was able to try on their other jackets to gauge a size. I'd say generally go down a size from what you normally wear.
OK thanks. Anyone know if Sears generally carries the Sportsman line?
How does the oil cloth fit jacket fit? I would prefer a quilted Barbour, but this one is more economical.
Anyone have experiences this coat and how it fits & looks. I am thinking of ordering Navy Blue..
Step 1. Change target market Step 2. Profit
Sirius radio. That is all.
Jona's wristwatch is horrendous.
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