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We are considerably different sizes I'd imagine. You at 5'8 and me at 5'11. I figured might as well get on the thread seeing how more people are going to look at one thread rather than 2. Anything that fits me will not fit you and vice versa. Sorry for the jack, but hope you see the rational behind it.
Well hey, Now I don't want to be a charity case, but heck, there is a lot of people here who I'm sure are wanting to get rid of stuff and being as I am just finishing University with a 51K student loan, the options for clothes aren't exactly great. I'm looking for dress shirts, polos, suits, slacks or shoes even. I would be glad to pay the shipping on any items people may want to part with. Measurements: (raw measurements from the body) Dress Shirt: RTW...
I know you're not an online retailer, but with these extra shirts, any chance of getting some pics, and selling them on here to members who aren't in NY?
PM sent
How soon can you get pictures up? don't want to miss out?
I'm always looking to add to my tie collection. Just a young guy with less than deep pockets but the willingness to splurge on a couple of ties has never hurt. Would love to see pics.
Scott, Thanks for the reply, I wasn't in a state of panic, just a little worried. Like I said, first time with the whole online purchase thing. When I sent you the email Saturday, and never heard back, I tried this route yesterday, and looking at your history, I noticed you normally posted everyday. Hence my concern. I completely understand the paypal email wasn't your main email. I'm resting much easier now And thanks Cory for the heads up on Cdn Customs. I know...
Has anyone talked too or seen Faded501s (Scott) online recently? The reason I ask is that I purchased a pair of RL sandals ( from him that were supposed to be shipped weeks ago and they have not arrived. I have tried PM'ing and and emailing him but have had zero response. Paypal payment cleared on May 2nd, and he emailed saying he was shipping the next day. I have not heard anything since. I certainly do not want to...
What is the sleeve length for the BR shirt? Can you describe the pattern or take a close up of the pattern on the BR shirt. Thanks.
If only it was a little bigger through the shoulders. I wear a 41R usually, and most 40R will work, but the 38 is just not do able. It is a stunning jacket and for that price, it's extremely surprising it hasn't been snatched up. Best of luck with finding a buyer.
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