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Is that the accurate colour of the blue on the tie or is it lighter than the actual colour becuase of the flash. I am looking for something dark, and I'm not sure how dark that is although the mini dot is exactly what I'm looking for.
Any chance you can take a pic of it? First off, PM me with how much you would want for it, and if it's too much, I'll save you the trouble of taking the pics. Thanks
Now how do I describe how mini I'm looking for? I guess I'd like it to be fairly small, but doesn't have to be really small. I just want them spread out enough so there is plenty of navy showing. Does that help at all?
Looking for a Navy mini-dot tie. (Dots in white) I can't afford much, so not looking for 7-fold or anything fancy. Give me a couple years before I can afford such things, as I just finished University. if anyone has a seldom used tie of this sort they want to get rid of, or see one online, please let me know. Many thanks!
Is the toe piece one piece or two. I know I'm not using the right terminology, but I think you know what I mean. Pics would be great.
I just signed up for Ebay and am learning the ways quickly, but I'm trying to contact a seller about an item, but I get a message when sending a message saying I've sent the maximum amount of messages. Is there a way around this? Is there a way to email the seller without using the ebay "contact the seller" option. Thanks.
Hi All, Sort of hijacked the free stuff thread, so at the request of the OP started my own. Basically anybody getting rid of anything. I have a sob story, big student loans and all the rest, but you really don't want to hear it, it is actually true of course, you just have better things to do with your time than listen to me. If you have anything you don't want to bother selling, and you're going to give away anyways, I'll pay for shipping. Let me know. Here...
Out of respect for an 'oldtimer' like Calvin.... I will start a new thread titled: Summer Closet Cleanout!
I'm not an "everyday" tie wearer, but my collection is limited and looking to expand. I'm a clothes junkie: love them, research them (read: surf internet and drool), treat what I do have with anal-retentive detail, but alas, can not really afford much of "the nice stuff."
Calvin, will you fit the BB shirt? If so, I will not take it. If it's not the right size for you, it will fit me perfectly. Let me know.
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