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Apparently I need to read the rest of the posts before replying. I see now that he is in the middle of an unfortunate situation. I hope he finds his way out of it and can continue to be a valuable member to this forum.
I have tried calling him on the number above, and I have left a message as well, with no response. Seems he has stopped all communication on here.
Clearly there is an issue here. Is there a way we can get him to respond to us? My last PM was on the 28th of August, I see that he logged in on the 29th, so he must have got it. Has not been online since. I'm wondering how many other people from his mega-sale have been duped.
Bergdorf, I bought a pair of pants off you on July 2nd, they were paid for that day on Paypal. You said you made an error in shipping when I asked a couple weeks later where they were. You said you would be shipping the next day. No sign of anything. I have sent you many messages with no reply. I want to know what is going on. I see there is another member here who still has not received his purchases. This is over 2 months now, and I am a patient guy, but this is too...
Quote: Originally Posted by gj555 Except BCE Place is now called Brookfield Place and Le Marche Movenpick is now called Richtree Market I will second eating at Le Marche (apparently now called Richtree Market)! I'm from Western Canada, but I get out to the east atleast once a year and whenever I'm in Toronto or Montreal I always eat there. Have a good trip!
Hey, I have a 9.5D AE Park Ave in Black that I will probably be selling. They are just a touch too big for me, so I got some Church's instead. They are in good shape. I just want to wait for the Church's to arrive to make sure they fit well first. What sort of timeline are you on? How fast do you need them? I would be happy to send you some pics if you want as well. PM me and we can discuss. Thanks.
What is the sleeve length on the size 16 Loro Piana shirt? And can you confirm that the colour is a light shade of blue? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by bslo The flask on my camera makes the fabric appear lighter than it really is. It's a pretty standard charcoal color. Second picture is more accurate regarding color. Your camera comes with a flask? Wow, that's impressive. Where can I get one like that?
any Kiton with 16 neck? I like the second one particularly.
Not my size, and not even close enough to pretend they are my size but my God those are stunning boots. Now excuse me while I go change my shorts.
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