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I bought a pair of cotton chinos from him almost 4 months ago. I have been patient, and understand we all fall upon hard times. However, when he came back a couple weeks ago, he even made mention of my pants, and yet they still have not been received. I'm not sure what action to take next. The pants weren't ridiculously expensive, but I'm a recent University grad with big student loans, and every little bit helps. As many have said the refund button is easy to press,...
Interested in #3, what would describe as the main colour of the shirt. It looks sort of bluish/lavender? I know everybody sees colours a little different but can you give me your impression? What colour are the stripes? Also, how much extra to ship to Canada? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Saw this, AE McNeil, shell cordovan, seller says only worn once, has ZERO feedback I inquired about seeing picture of the sole. His reply is "sorry, can't do it" Sorry can't do it? No wonder there is no bid. That is one heck of amount of wear on the soles for wearing "only once" unless he never took them off for 5 or 6 days so it was...
Hey All, 2 pairs of shoes up on ebay. 1) AE Park Ave 9.5D Black - used but in excellent condition. Great for a student or someone wanting to improve their collection, but can't pay the $300+ to do so. 2) Polo Sandals 9D Brown - used once for about 30 mins. Just too small. They fit closer to a 8.5C/D.
How do these size? Can anyone compare them to a 9D I wear in Church's or Bally? How much extra for shipping to Canada? Thanks
Can I get some measurements on the Navy suit. Thanks
Yah, I'm still waiting on a pair of trousers from June that still have not been received. Nice lightweight cotton trousers just in time for the frigid Edmonton winters. Hoping they arrive soon. Sure would be nice to hear from BG so I know what the hell is going on.
Can I get some measurements on the J. Crew Argyle V-neck. Pit to pit, length of arms, length of sweater etc. Thanks. Jabney
60 bucks for a high quality shoe, especially in great condition is not over paying at all in my opinion. I own a pair of the identical shoes and I absolutely love them. If you take care of them, they will last you 15 years. Congrats on the great deal.
2 Ebay deals I have been watching but won't go for, so figured somebody here might enjoy. I have no affiliation with either auction. 1) EG Yardley. NIB. $355 current bid with about 9 hours to go. Size US9E 2) Church's Black Cap Toes - slightly used but they look like they are in great condition. Size is US9C. For a younger person looking to get a high quality shoe at a good price, this might be it. Bidding at...
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