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What is the arm length of the Zegna? Thanks.
Is there any fabric in the HF trousers to let down. The Jacket measurements would fit me, but the trousers would need lengthening? Any fabric there? THanks
How do these fit. I have limited knowledge of C&J, but from what I hear the US size is about a half size up from the UK size? I have some captoes from Church's and I wear a US9 in those. I also wear a 9D in AE (most lasts). If I'm correct, these would be about a half size small? Anybody know? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked What is this? Should it be a source of concern in dealings with SF notables A Harris, V Man or edmorel too? Regarding the tie, provided it comes as new, without or without discount department store tags(the most likely source), you did rather well. That Isaia 7-fold retails for $225, not $170 as the seller said; I sold the exact same one on eBay last month for ~$85. The tie is gorgeous BTW, wear it in good health....
Anybody have any dealings with eBay seller: eplaksienko. ??? He has a pretty solid feedback rating, and seems to be dealing consistently in good items. I just bough a isaia 7-fold, and I'm worried he has been dealing with high quality items almost too frequently. and comments on this tie are welcome.... not sure if I got burned or not. Should be here any day now....
Well, if you want to make this into a positive, (which is always good around this time of year) is the fact that you weren't dealing with Bergdorf and you actually received your items and you may infact get a refund, or make your money back by selling the items. The seller hasn't dropped off the face of the earth never to be seen or heard from again! Think of how you'd feel then, if actually you want to know, PM me, because I'll tell you. UGHH! See, don't you feel...
Measurements please?
Guess you wouldn't be willing to ship it to Canada if I paid for shipping? It sounds like the perfect fit too.
John Lobb Cordovan Full Brogue Monk Strap These are just too awesome to not have on here!
Have not heard from him, or received a refund or my pants! It's almost more maddening to know that he's here reading the site and not saying something.
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