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Are these are 8US or 8UK? Thanks.
Is this navy or black? Hard to tell in the pics. Looks like a beautiful suit.
Well, it takes 2 to make a great transaction, and I can certainly say Ryan, better known as Rkbedel was great. Accurate description of the suit, quick and constant communication throughout the entire process from inquiry, to confirmation of payment clearance, shipping and after it's arrival. The package arrived with the suit well packaged and protected. I have nothing but positive feedback fromour transaction.
Couple questions about the Charcoal 42R 1) Does it have the buttons for the sleeves still, with the basted arms, I'm assuming they are in a pocket somewhere? 2) Is their basting on the shoulders or is it just the arms that are unfinished? Trying to estimate how much tailoring work would be required. 3) Is there room to take out the waist? If so, how much? Thanks.
What line of HF? I am interested too, would love to see some pics. I know some cuts are different than others, but I have found HF to be fairly close to the actual size in the past. Measurements would probably be helpful too if possible. Thanks.
I may be interested around the $100 mark. I'd like to see some pics before I commit to anything obviously. But consider this an expression of interest. Thanks.
Are these black or navy? - thanks.
Damn, missed out on the navy RLPL..... if for some reason it doesn't work out, I call dibs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crooow I'm sure I speak for many in saying yes, definite interest! +1 Plus any guy that can use the word vociferous appropriately in a Buy/Sell thread, is worth reading for the pure entertainment value of the post alone.
PM Sent on Santoni FAMs.
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