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Just picked this up. I know winter is over but I couldnt resist the price. Ughh I keep trying to flip the jpg and reattach it but it just refuses to land right side up!!
What about Meatpacking. Bleecker St in the WV. Chelsea (the boystown crowd spends $$). I'd say the mall is the worst idea, and midtown is next. Madison and 5th on the UES are good for a certain clientele but for the most exposure to the most varied crowd of shoppers it's SOHO. But at the end of the day Harper is right. In order to make it work on a "limited" budget in the City, your best bet is to open on a small side street somewhere, make sure your shop has a ton of...
A nice one.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 You'll be a casualty along with him strangling brookland. Fit-wise though, Globa tends to fit bigger than the Intarsia so I wouldn't necessarily size down unless the Globa was 2-3 sizes too big. I'd go with the same size if I were you but I'd base my decision on the sizing provided by the seller. Thanks! and luckily I am an avid enough reader of the forums that I read the post in which Kunk threatened...
Quote: Originally Posted by TintoTerra I think you really want the one you have, and should pm me the details of where you saw the Intarsia. I will kop and save you the trouble of coveting a jacket you don't own. A tempting offer.
Its from the SS10 Release collection- The seller has it listed as "thick lamb".
Normally I just read your threads but now I'm in need of some advice. Soooo heres my deal. I just picked up this seasons RO Globa Bomber in pearl. I convinced myself I wanted it when, what I really wanted was an Intarsia (genius, I know...). Now an Intarsia in the color I want has popped up. So heres my question- I'm typically a 40 chest, the globa is an XL, it fits me well, although it might be considered a little roomy, I know some folks like their RO to fit super...
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