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Quote: Originally Posted by Frigiliana Got my heart set on sourcing this jacket , Woolrich Stream , and as i said Incotex pants or similar ,Incotex is very expensive in Spain , am i wasting my time going round Daffy's, Filene's. 21st Century and Loehmann's ? I'd say yes because they arent "fun" shopping experiences, but that being said, Century 21 had Incotex pants the last time I was there.
its not an exact match but it does kind of look like
Quote: Originally Posted by Emixam if there is only one country that buys and sells massively vintage clothes is Japan, not only online but also in the many 2nd hand shops. You must know that 951socal right ? Brookland that is fantastic, but when worn open it looks quite bad. Is it the CCP fencing ? It is. Although I have to admit, I was truly hoping that 951socal would comment on my post and say something like "APC leathers are bad"
Quote: Originally Posted by 951socal yes, i lived in tokyo prior to coming here for school. protip: most American's don't know this. Japanese culture, not popular to buy things used. i guarantee none of you won't believe me until you meet a Japanese person, but take it how you want our cultures and norms are compeltey different, you don't need to compare katrina with the recent tsunami to believe that do you explain the MASSIVE...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol shit wtf are those dude also someone post sick shearlings Not my style anymore but I still appreciate the hell outta this. This is more my speed nowadays
For basic t-shirts the James Perse shirts are very good.
More and more I find myself being drawn into the avante-garde designers like The Viridi-Anne and CCP. Not sure how happy the wife will be about this shift.
I'm sure i'll be slayed for this suggesition, and even though its not my taste, many of the "hipsters" I know go to J-Crew for their kit. *puts on flame-retardent suit*
Quote: Originally Posted by snake That shearling is sex. Nice pick up The double collar was a total grail piece of mine but at $5000 it was a little out of reach lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 ^ looks pretty good as far as shearlings go. Where did you get it? Its the f/w Burberry Prorsum.
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