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Quote: Originally Posted by wurlwyde I love that Thom Browne shirt. It's not my size, but if it were, I'd be all over it. Good luck. Thanks. He's got a great navy blue Thom Browne blazer I'm trying to convince him to sell in a size 40. If he folds to my will I'll let you know.
I'll ship for free in the CONUS and ship priority if you spend over $100 and just ask that you add %4 for the paypal fees. Anyone in NYC I would be happy to just meet up so you dont have to wait around for shipping. Moncler - Size 6 - Sold Gloverall Lightweight Cotton&Nylon Duffle - sold Amazing Belstaff 1960's Trialmaster - Size 40 - $650 > $600 > $550 Condition: Beat to bloody hell and so damn fantastic. - Belstaffs not even my style but I have to admit borrowing this...
removed even more nonsense. For those who may actually be interested in this piece:
Free and Easy's are $15 each Mono WORKWEAR books are $30 each Lightning regular editions are $15 mono "Vintage Clothing" special edition's are $15 each I also have 2 copys of My Rugged 211: One is brand new, unopened: $90. The other has been opened and the binding "sticker" is gone, that one is $45. All copies are in 8/10-10/10 condition These prices include shipping with the Continental US. I am willing to do deals on multiple copies, just let me know and we'll work...
Price drop on Chesterfield, added Versace belt.
removed the nonsense.
For the distinguished gentleman. This is an outstanding piece of kit from Lord Willys in NYC who are purveyors of some really fine clothing. 42R, Holland & Sherry (Savile Row) Cloth, Handmade in Manhattan, Real Surgeons cuffs, ect..ect.. and I guess I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. I'm asking $1000 > $850 I'm certainly open to offers. oh..and excuse the wrinkles, even though its been on the proper hanger and in a dust bag I guess it was just...
I'm looking to pick up the RO Bomber w/the oversized hood in the Nylon or Moleskin.
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six This is absolutely baffling logic. I agree. I never said I was rational.
Quote: Originally Posted by Exalt Beautiful. Did you kop? No, unfortunately this piece will remain a dream for me. I steer clear of buying clothes that are on a pedestal of mine - they would simply sit in my closet for fear of damaging them. I keep to RO and Julius for my leathers - if something happens, it hurts, but it doesnt kill.
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