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More price drops.
More items added including Belstaff and SCP sweaters, a gorgeous Borsalino driving cap and a Col Littelton belt. Also, some scattered price drops.
Added a Woolrich jacket and 2 wallets....cant believe im still not done posting things.
Ive been so caught up posting clothes for my cousin I figured I'd do the same for some of my pieces. Rick Owens Cotton Intarsia. F/W10 SOLD Julius_7 Belt. SOLD Robert Geller Sweatshirt - Size 52 - SOLD Boris Bidjan Saberi Double Layer Hoodie - Size L - ssssolldd Julius_7 Wax Cotton Assymetrical Zip - SOLD Boris Bidjan Saberi Washed Oiled Cow Leather Jacket - Size L - sold RO Denim Jacket w/Leather Sleeves - Size L - $650 > $600 > $575 > $550 > $540    
Quote: Originally Posted by oboy_oboy Awesome stuff. does your cousin gain and lose weight? that r&b jacket is way small compared to the shirts! I think the Cabourn is a "cagoule". Great price. One would think right? That Gamma Bleu blazer is a 2!!! But no, it's not nearly as sane as weight loss. He's just someone who buys something when it kind of's kind of bizarre really, somethings are tight, some loose. Then he wears something...
Added MORE items! This time it's a few spring/summer weight jackets for you "in-season" shoppers. Nigel Cabourn, Michael Bastian and Gloverall, some pretty cool stuff. Enjoy. I'm, almost done posting things...this has been like a full time job. My cousin better pay me well, I'm thinking %30 of the total sales, what do you guys think? Lastly, I'm kind of new at selling clothing and these are clothes I dont buy and dont wear so if anyone see's a price that seems "off"...
I hate to be a heart breaker but that puppy is sold
Once again, added a load of new stuff including some pants and outwear.
Added a lot more items, including some more pricey winter outerwear. I told you all this was going to be a lot of stuff. My wife's none too happy with the sudden influx of clothing, thats not for her, into our apartment. and I'm officially sick of looking at, taking pictures of, and posting clothing for tonight. Any questions, measurements, more photos ect., just PM me.
IC on a pair of Alden for JCrew Indy's in a size 11. Apparently he has the box and dustbag and says they were worn like 5 times and have some heel and toe "wear". If there is enough interest I'll have him email me photos.
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