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Price drops.
More scattered price drops. Some substantial drops on a few of the winter outwear pieces. Happy holidays.
So I was searching around to find a price for this thing and the 2 I saw on eBay seemed priced WAY too high. I mean...$3900 or 3100? Give me a break. Apparently they are discontinued yadda yadda yadda. My cousin lost the dustbag, but unlike the eBay iterations his does have the lock and key, so theres that. I was going to post this in my main thread on streetwear and denim but realized that was probably not the right place for it. There is a small white mark on one...
Added Moncler down jacket and 2 Homespun Henleys.
Added a leather Intarsia and price dropped the BBS hoodie.
Added Billykirk bag and a Burberry Prorsum Shearling aviator.. Thats almost the last of it, I think there are just a few more items. Thanks to everyone whos purchased things so far, every piece that leaves my apartment makes my wife that much happier.
Price drops pretty much across the board.
Price drops. Added BBS Hoodie
/sigh ....added more items.... ....are you thinking the same thing as me...when will it end? WHEN!!!! I think i'm selling more items for my cousin than are in my entire wardrobe. Why does he have so many damn clothes...how is it possible? ...Messed around and organized items like a store to make it easier to sort through all this stuff. Cheers.
More items up. "Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in"
New Posts  All Forums: