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Average doesn't mean much in my case. I just recently got into denim and I bought a pair of Diors ~$350. I plan on picking up 2 pairs of APCs (~$140) and I will be done with denim for a while. Before this craze, I'd usually spend ~$50-60 on denim from Club Monaco or Banana Republic. Not anymore though. 3 pairs of jeans and I'm good to go. I don't intend to spend as much as I did on the Diors anymore. //edit: As for spending reflecting income, DEFINITELY NOT. I...
Chopin's Nocturne Op9 No2
Fuji compacts are among the best IMHO.
I'm one of those "stuck up fashion photographers". Hah. Just playing. Cheers -k
D80 is an awesome camera. All the goodies from the D200 in a sweet little package that's CHEAP. (that's saying a lot coming from a Canonite) 18-55 is a good lens, also pick up the 50/1.8. Check out for more info.
Quote: Originally Posted by Countertenor Good idea. TaT is on the radar, once I can scrape together a few shekels. How extensive should the measurements be? Would the measurements illustrated here suffice?
Try to keep 8hrs between cardio and weight/resistance training. I'm lazy and/or don't have enough time so I do compound exercises (pullup, squats, deadlifts, bench... done). Eat clean, healthy. Many times during the day. 5-6x to maintain a hardworking metabolism. Small meals. Lifting heavy is fine. More muscle mass means easier to burn fat. Good luck and keep us posted.
Thanks for the suggestions. Does anyone have first hand experience that can give recommendations? ClubV looks the nicest so far... ultrachic and modern. I wonder if these places have a dancefloor. Or how about the music level, would it be low-ish enough to talk?
Hey all, I've been lurkin a bit and love the place already. I'm in a bit of a predicament and would like to get all the hip hipsters opinion on a place to celebrate my 22nd birthday in Toronto. Basically I've never had a good birthday celebration (my 21st being quite horrible at that...) so I want to splurge and have a really awesome 22nd birthday. Something to make me feel ultra high-class, brimming with decadence. You know, high maintence girls and guys in DH...
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