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APC New Standard - standard raw gateway drug suggestion. You can also try a pair of Nudies from cultizm.
Quote: Originally Posted by lifersfc I guess could imagine bringing home a nasty suicide girl for a one night fling, but I don't think I could seriously befriend anyone with a tattoo. If that 36% statistic is correct, I live a sheltered life in the city. I would think so. Though I have to say most of my friends do NOT have tattoos, my favourite one has at least 5. And they're unbelievably adorable. =)
Hey, Yeah, I wasn't sure what my post was either. I think I was on a impulse-buying spree and saw all these shoes I was interested in. Chucks are classic and that's undeniable. However, I don't think I can buy more than one pair. It's something everyone has and although it's great, it's not what I'm looking for. I want a nice pair for shoes that are fancier, that's why I'm looking at the guccis. I've decided I don't like the Lacoste as much. It's between the 3 guccis...
I have a sudden urge to buy 5 pairs of shoes. For sure that's overkill. Especially with a dry bank account like mine. Currently this is what I wear (shoe wise): 1 (pair) Hush Puppies: Semi-Formal black loafer. comfortable. love it. 1 Puma futurecat beige/brown: quite dirty... still wear it every day. my standard shoe. 1 Asic trainer white/black: almost all black now. this is my 'neglect' shoe, i wear it to work (dirty environment...). needs to be replaced. i'd...
APC New Standards are the gateway drug to dry denim....... lol
Interesting!! I'm lookin for a 27-28 anyway... I wonder if you could snag me a pair... lol
Eat eat eat. Lift lift lift. Lift HEAVY. Pullups, squats, benchpress. Go nuts =)
OJ isn't unhealthy per-se (far better than coke) but it is VERY sugary. Treat fruits like "snacks". They're healthy, but too much isn't too good. I drink only water these days...
I'm lazy so I stick with compound exercises =) I step on a "half-swiss ball" (whatever they're called... more like a third) and take 2 25lb dumbells. I do (almost) all my exercises with this. I do 5x5 squats, 5x5 standing shoulder/military press, 5x5 deadlifts, 5x5 bent over rows. I know 25lbs isn't a lot but standing on a half-swiss ball makes it a lot tougher, hits your stabilizor muscles and you wobble to hell if you're not strong =) I then take 2x45lb dumbells and...
Doesn't load for me, but if you bring a photo then I'm sure the stylist will figure it out.
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