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Nice fit. I like the narrow lapels on that suit. Those shoes are way out of place though. I think it would look great with black cap toe balmorals, walnut wingtips or even maybe to a lesser extent chili split toes.
You may also want to consider tropical wool or a linen blend. Advantage of tropical wool is that it won't be as wrinkly.
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin Are you thinking casual, or with a jacket? Blue would go well with these. I totally agree. Actually, I think this thread has opened my mind some already as I can think of some more ways these could go with a couple different types of jacket. I think these would kill with a Sunspel navy summer polo, but I think that's as casual as they can go.
Basically this: I'm guessing I can wear them like chinos, pretty much, which is why I was thinking the navy polo. I guess I could also try to pair it with a tropical wool navy blazer or linen navy blazer or some kind of loose weave button down shirt. I can't seem to think of any more versatile way to wear them.
I picked up a pair of Hickey Freeman linen pants in natural with a stiff crease. They don't seem to want to wrinkle much, fortunately. Trying to think of what I can pair these with: desert boots and a navy summer weight polo?
My advantage chinos did not shrink at all, but my brushed twill and cavalry twill definitely lost an inch in length. Same fit and dimensions. Wash cold.
This pair has not seen any washings yet; just one wearing. I wonder if part of the issue could be that a 2-eye chukka is not the best shoe to pair the sock with. Maybe I would have a different outcome with a pair of oxfords that heel more to the... heel... not that these shoes were flopping around on my feet all day. That said, I work in a laboratory so I spend a good part of my day walking around the lab space and I probably put a few miles on them today. Good...
Wore a pair today w/ my dessert boots and noticed after one wearing a lot of the fabric is coming apart at the heels and toes. They had a lot of elastic and stayed up great, but I feel like they are not durable enough to last more than 10 wearings. It seems like the fiber length is pretty short. Anyone else care to comment or recommend a similar sock that will actually last me?
I want to grab some Meltonian shoe cream to match a pair of AE Strand in walnut and also my Brooks saddle in "honey". Any recommendations? Lots of browns available.
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