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What is the difference between these sunglasses: http://www.icueyewear.com/ICU/Sungla...288601%29.html http://www.opticsplanet.net/ao-origi...unglasses.html which are under $50... and Ray-bans?
Has anybody used this eBay seller? http://stores.ebay.com/handmade-stra...-hats-ecuacorp Lots of hats in a variety of WPSI. I have exchanged some e-mails with the seller and their grades are (not really explained on their auction pages): fino - 100-120 WPSI extrafino - 120-300 WPSI ultrafino - 300-350 WPSI millifino - 350-400 WPSI microfino - 600 WPSI Museum - 1000 WPSI Shipped direct from Ecuador either rolled or flat in a balsa box. I am looking for a...
Quote: Originally Posted by marcodalondra I was in both places last summer and have enjoyed my time there (less so in Singapore, 2 days would have been enough). It was extremely humid to the point I thought I had asthma at times when I had to sit down to catch my breath. I was at the Westin in Langkawi and have toured around the island a lot, and I would say it is definitely casual the best way forward, with shorts and t-shirt in the morning and...
Last time I was on Langkawi was about five years ago. Most people on the island dress VERY casually and you will definitely stick out wearing a suit. Keep in mind you will be eating roti canai and dal with your hand (right hand only) at mamak stalls so this is not a good time to break out your finest clothes. Many of the locals are actually very interested in rastafarianism and the slow, laid back way of life (but remember drugs possession carries the death penalty)....
I bought a 38S 1818 Fitzgerald. I'm 5'8, 150 lbs. I have broad shoulders -- only in proportion to my own chest, not the general population before anyone jumps on me -- so I had to go with the 38S instead of a 36R and have the jacket taken in. This experience has taught me to focus on the shoulder width and get the rest tailored. When you go to try the suit on, bring your own kicks to check that the hem is right. You may also find, as I did, that there is way too much...
Red Wing gentleman travelers.
I'm looking at some Hickey Freeman sport shirts. I normally wear a 14.5/33 shirt and 37R jacket and am wondering what size to get. S (34-36) M (38-40). Damn being a 'tweener! Fabric would be linen.
Quote: Originally Posted by joegrec Can anyone give me a good description of the Brooks Brothers pants fits? I know they have at least 3 different fit lines, the Madison, the Regent, and the Milano. Can someone tell me how they all fit? They will all fit too short if you buy twill in your normal inseam. Had some shrinking problems with two pairs (washed cold water).
Nice fit. I like the narrow lapels on that suit. Those shoes are way out of place though. I think it would look great with black cap toe balmorals, walnut wingtips or even maybe to a lesser extent chili split toes.
You may also want to consider tropical wool or a linen blend. Advantage of tropical wool is that it won't be as wrinkly.
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