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Unfortunately there is no ideal weight for DC because it has the potential to be very cold and the guarantee of being murderously hot and humid. I see mugs walking around in Men's Warehouse 3 season suits all summer looking like they are going to have a stroke. My advice is to go light and get a good overcoat and focus on linen and tropical wool for summer.
I knew this was going to be another one of these posts before I even clicked the link. I'm new too, but I have to ask: 1. Do you ever use the search function? 2. Do you have anything to contribute? 3. Do you regard this community as a free "personal shopper" to tell you which posh brands you should throw your money at? You could improve this post and enrich the forum simply by doing a little research on your own, posting what you came up with for other people's benefit...
It's not "exclusivity" that separates the content for the forums. I believe what you are referring to is known as a "Canadian Tuxedo".
Marcoliani http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dapparel&field-keywords=marcoliani&x=0&y=0
This is wonderfully informative! I am continually amazed by the sartorial acumen on this site. In general terms, how do I find shades with this sort of frame style? It's sort of a square-ish wayfarer style with hard corners.
Yeah, I think it's his contact sheet from around the time he did the original Italian Job.
Boom. Roasted.
At least it's not a short sleeved shirt to complete the "Homer Simpson" or "Jehova's Witness".
I know how to search for different types of aviators, but what do you call the general style of these frames? I think RE or AO pilot aviators look good for my face shape so I am also exploring thick polymer frames such as these or persols in tortoise. If anyone has similar shades they are particularly fond of, I am keen to learn more. Cheers and enjoy the pic!
This jives with what I am reading online that Muse's went into chapter 11 early 1990s.Thanks!J
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