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Two jackets available, both are slim fit G4s, made in England, size 38. The navy jacket is a Project 137 (47/137) limited edition Millerain waxed cotton jacket. Worn twice. Excellent condition. Comes with Baracuta hanger and all hang tags. $200 $190 The khaki jacket is your standard G4 made in England. New with tags. $120 - SOLD All prices include shipping and PayPal to USA. Measurements: Khaki - SOLD P2P - 21.25" W - 20.5" Sleeve (from pit) - 20.5" Length (from...
Name pretty much describes it. I bought two pairs waist 31 and two pairs waist 32 and found the 32's fit better (true to size). As such, one pair of the two pairs I have available is shrink wrapped and the other has been tried on once. Bombproof khakis. Price includes PayPal and shipping.
Capitol Hill Tailor Shop is good. The place is dirty and shabby looking, but Sammy Lee is a nice guy, gets stuff done on time and right and despite his age has a very good sense of what is current.
PRL knitted ties do this too. You can even see the seam through the front of the tie.
Good thought, but there is no doubt that this is a thornproof waxed cotton garment. Although it needs a rewaxing, the exterior is definitely waxy and the interior tags have all the usual "do not put this in a washing machine or try to iron it like a fool" warnings. I wonder if there were a few models that were made at some time with no options for liners. It would be kind of a drag because one of the reasons I chose a Beaufort was to be able to use a quilted liner.
Reading info from Barbour, my understanding is new Beauforts come with internal zips that now replace what used to be internal studs for a liner. I bought a used Beaufort for about $100 and when it arrived found it has only studs for a hood and no internal attachment points for a lining at all. Anybody know what's going on here?
I recently got a few BB slim fit OCBDs and they fit great. The yoke is bang on perfect on my shoulders, as is the neck. It seems like it fits well, but is still quite roomy. YET, sometimes I notice that when I wear the shirt with the top button unbuttoned, it pulls a little at the second button forming an "X". This goes away when I sit down. What is causing this? I can't seem to find any part of the shirt that doesn't have plenty of room. Typical of a good fitting shirt?
From my experience the OCBDs tend to shrink a bit more. Measure them again after you wash them.
Four in hand."It was tied with a Windsor knot. Bond mistrusted anyone who tied his tie with a Windsor knot. It showed too much vanity. It was often the mark of a cad." -From Russia With Love
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