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Any codes for tres bien at the moment?
Anyone have an idea when/if SSENSE will go 50% off? I know their 30% off sale just started recently but I'm holding out for a better deal
Adding to that OC's customer service doesn't help the matter.Just a word of warning before anyone buys off OC, a friend of mine purchased some shoes and they were damaged ( with a section held together by tape !) When said friend notified OC customer service they told her they would not refund the item ( what a joke ) but would offer 30% off as stock is not guaranteed to be shipped in perfect condition. This is a pretty fucked way of operating so I would think twice about...
Love COS, could wear a lot of their pieces everyday. Really good price for well made, directional basics compared to the shit thats available to me in Australia so always pick up a lot when I am overseas New Fall/Winter is looking good (quilted varsity, cropped black hooded jacket, odd colour combos)
Additional 20% off sale items at La garconne with code LGEOS20
Sale stock from last summer added on MR PORTER UK for who might have missed out last season
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