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Why is everyone always so flustered whenever APC is mentioned? APC will always get more rep than NF because the majority of raw denim "enthusiasts" are "enthusiastic" about raw denim on a very casual level and APC was a recognized brand in the celebrity ring (therefore public) and internet well before NF got its good footing on the web. The mainstream appeal I see with APC is its SIMPLICITY and casual-wearer-user-friendly-ness. 3 main cuts, same denim used, fades...
so reverse side is black or navy? and are the pics representative of the actual color?
Also keep in mind that E2's have had some weird QC issues like uneven spacing between buttons and threads popping. Never heard of that with the dark indigos.
Well not everyone wants the same degree of snugness. The wgs in the pics definitely look loose and a bit stretched out but not so much that it looks bad.
It's not raw indigo, you're not going for fades, wash them like regular pants. It's kind of crazy how the raw denim scene makes people apprehensive about washing anything the regular way.
You'd fit a weird guy easily. Skinny guy would be snug. I'd say 511 is between WG and SG.
Not even. Nudies is pretty vanity sized and stretches A LOT so the waist is probably 30-31 when purchased, and stretches to 31.5-32 in no time and maybe a quarter to half an inch in the thighs. That, and slim jim is cut more like weird guy/slim guy. A 29 skinny guy would have a 29.5-30 inch waist, and would be slimmer everywhere in the jean. You'd probably look silly.There should be measurements for both SJ and SG everywhere on the web...see for yourself.
The big slubs are gonna be good for people who love vertical fading. I personally think it looks like a pair of jeans with chalk dust all over it, and for slub the japan heritage is much more "safe" as far as looks go. But fabrics like big slub are gonna be the ones that fade the most interestingly because we don't see a lot of jeans like that. The price is the bigger turnoff imo.
Just take your most comfortable+well-fitted jeans and do a BiG measurement across thighs and knee. Then make your purchases based on that. Sizing down 2 and hoping to get stretch out of the thighs usually ends up in an ugly looking crotch area in the jeans and early blowout. But I gotta say it's the mis-sizing that produces lots of cheap denim in the secondar:Dy market
Other than that exposed stitching...these are some really well-made jeans and should last you a while. When I compared them to regular NFs I was blown away.
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