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I've "completed" an inventory of my closet(s). Surprisingly I can remember, without looking, literally every piece of clothing I've bought in the last few years, by appearance, and to a large extent, by price. Some of the pieces I loved to wear do appear worn. I guess I should've read the care instructions a little more closely. Either that, or my apartment complex didn't have a setting for the "gentle" cycle.
Nice reply. Quote: Originally Posted by robbie Most people I know smoke, or drink, or have all sorts of 'temporary' hobbies. I don't, so I choose to spend my money in ways that I can enjoy again and again and again.
For me, it's the compliments I receive. Also, it's a major advantage in the dating game (which doesn't necessarily mean buying "SF approved" brands or styles).
As homage to other related threads, instead of simply stating how much we spend on clothes or stating how many clothes we have, I want to know WHY we spend so much. After all, none of us NEED two dozen dress shirts. A dozen pairs of shoes or a dozen ties is probably a bit too much. Add it all up, and many who frequent this forum spend several K per year on clothes. Why? Do you get compliments on your clothes? Are you prone to addictive behavior in general? Do you simply...
I have one s/s button down and that is enough. Thanks for that list. It makes me re-double my commitment to no purchase february.
Congratulations on everyone getting through week one. See, it wasn't that hard.
Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle while all you guys are broke, im scoopin up mad deals I can't resist: You're STILL buying even when while you are trying to clear your closet? Dude, you've got a problem. Constant Struggle's leftovers: FS: Closet Cleaning SALE Includes: Brand New - Nicholas K Camden Shirt sz Small - $45 Express Shirt sz Medium - $15 J.Crew Knit sz Medium - $10 Brand New - Spruce Thermal Cardigan - $80
Van Heusen makes a fitted version of their dress shirts also. I'm just unimpressed by the BR/Gap combo. I don't know where they outsource their work, but their shops apparently cannot find employees who are able to cut and stitch in a straight line. You would think that they could stitch a seam properly on something as mundane as a dress shirt, but it seems not to be the case. And Gap shirts, even their "slim fit" shirts, are way too baggy....
It's been (about) a week, and no major temptations. As a matter of fact, I decided to return a couple of items I really don't need.
Still in. Just seeing those two bags makes me want to stay in for another month after.
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