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I'm not going to hate on urban outfitters for some random reason. All I can say is that they are incredibly over-priced for what you get. Any piece of clothing you buy at a mall or chain should have identical manufacturing costs as everything is made in China.
is an exchange a purchase? Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 No purchases means no purchases imo
Well I tried posing this question before, but I EXCHANGED an item I bought in Jan. for something else this month. The first Jan. item was defective so I got something else instead (at a lower price). Does this count as a NEW purchase? Tricky, I know. I may or may not still be in as a result. Also, I think this club should be re-titled a no purchase club for non-discretionary purchases. This leaves room to buy items that absolutely have to be replaced, or which are...
I've been seeing that brand name being tossed around here, but when I google it, they're asking $300 some odd. That's pretty crazy. I'd pay up to $90 for high quality fitted wool slacks.
He's saving you money. Quit yer bitchin'
This is it exactly! ha ha. It's an attitude of "I'm a wanna be rugged outdoorsman" pretense among city (college) kids who want to kowtow to that kind of mindset. I remember a couple years ago, I picked up a down jacket at old navy for $40. Plenty warm, looked nice enough. I saw a jacket nearly identical from north face at some outdoors store. Yes, it was a nylon jacket. Yes, it was down filled. The sticker? $140!!! The north face logo was "worth" an extra $100. The...
How about an exchange for an item I bought in January-is that cheating?
A blazer just came in from a mail order a couple weeks ago. It fits like shit. It looks so boring, I want to fall asleep in it. This gives me more strength.
Prices? And I'd love to hear more on durability of North Face. These jackets are pretty pricey imo. I do know MANY people who swear by this brand, however, so they must be doing something right.
Only???? Quote: Originally Posted by KBW I usually only spend about 1k or so/month though. More when seasonal stuff drops.
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