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More than I absolutely need. Let's just put it this way, they keep me honest. If I'm more than 5 lbs. above my normal weight, they don't fit.
Yeah, Old Navy's sale items are practically giveaways. And the discounts are progressive. They'll start off at 20% off, then 40% then 60%, then they give 'em away for a dollar, sometimes in usable sizes. Their designs, however, have been pretty embarrassing for the past year or so. Their sweaters with the painted on argyle designs are just thoroughly unacceptable at any price.
The last thing I need is another pair of jeans. Especially another pair of baggy Gap jeans. Where did they ever go wrong? It seemed like Gap was mandatory shopping for every affluent college kid in America back in '97 or '98. Now their stores look like ghost towns. I've actually seen tumbleweeds blowing through...
Those are some cool looking chinos. Did you have to size up or down? Or, did you just get your regular size? Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 I figured I'd revive the thread with a pic of my first time wearing my new Docker City Slim Fit Chinos. They show a slight break with the Tretorn's I'm wearing here, but with desert boots or shoes, the break goes away. So far I'm really enjoying these.
Dude, have fun jerking off to my posts all night long. Out.
Your panties really are in a bunch. That's cute.
Dude, go fuck yourself.
Ahem, I was referring to D.B., i.e., douchebag, I mean bdeuce. Just kiddin man! But seriously, I'm hanging in there on a technicality. But I'm still in.
I'm looking for slacks for work. Casual and slightly dressy. (My office is pretty casual overall and flexible with dress code). Vote yay or nay on each... Canvas in dark brown: Land's End Chinos: BR Wool:
don't get your panties in a bunch, emo.
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