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There's a great thread on slim fits, but here's a thread on standard fits. Post your favorites here. I like this one from J. Crew: These are looking kinda whack:
Were those shoes issued by the SS? Quote: Originally Posted by nonissue Any input? Can I lace these bad boys? Do the numbers rub off easily?
Fail. Have a nice day. Quote: Originally Posted by Johnathan A navy blue leather belt to match some shoes I have. Is it even worth bothering?
People are too busy trying to cover up their psoriasis with faux ninja wear to care what you think...
translation: "I need validation but I'm too insecure to even acknowledge that." Quote: Originally Posted by oaw01 I just ordered the alford boots. I don't care if oxfords are the standard. fuck it cause I like it
Some clothes were made outside of China...
Good gosh almighty, that cheesesteak you posted looks hideous. Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak Good lord the pants scb posted are hideous.
Like I said, prohibition doesn't work. Just set a budget for yourself and stick to it. If that thought is too painful, give yourself a range of spending, so you don't feel like you're in a straitjacket. Say, for example, you limit your discretionary purchases to 15% of your income as a definite limit. Or, give yourself a range, such as 12-18% of your income (gross or net). Happy financial management. I found out the hard way.
I'm out. I exchanged an item I bought in Jan. for another item in Feb. But, I returned the Feb. item also (didn't fit well). But, I got a pair of pants for work, so, still out.
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