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How do you find 'em so cheap?? You must get lucky when they are clearing out funky sizes. Quote: Originally Posted by jaydc7 3 or 4.. most from JCrew when they are ~$10
Tonio: nice look. What sort of jacket do you wear over that ensemble? Others feel free to chime in with suggestions as well. Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 I figured I'd revive the thread with a pic of my first time wearing my new Docker City Slim Fit Chinos. They show a slight break with the Tretorn's I'm wearing here, but with desert boots or shoes, the break goes away. So far I'm really enjoying these.
They're not available in brick and mortar for me. Have to go with mail order (again). Are these true to size? (especially in the waist)
I know what you mean about getting black blacks. Levi's does a terrific job with overdyed...much better than Wrangler's. Makes me want to go look for a pair of preshrunk blacks...
I did the rembrandt in office whitening a bit over two years ago. Initially, I was ticked off in the dentist's office since I thought my teeth actually looked TOO white when I first saw them. As it turns out, I was looking at the reflection of my teeth in a mirror under very bright white light at first. In ordinary light, it got closer to 2 to 3 shades whiter. Significant, but not a night day difference. The white has faded slightly, but my teeth are still much whiter...
Awesome, man. Those black STF's truly ARE black. PS: Do you all favor stacking with STF's? All of my straight fits have some stacking, but I'm starting to favor a bit more of a "grown-up" tailored fit. It's more practical too, as I don't want my jeans dragging around in the mud and rain, or getting the hems all bedraggled. Quote: Originally Posted by lance konami I got love for the black. Here's a pic of mine from the waywt thread. It's...
That shit is dope. I want me a pair.... Quote: Originally Posted by Biscotti I've been debating for months now; I have Wayfarers currently, but I dislike their branding and the shape of the arms. These seem quite beautiful.
I survived the skinny jeans craze, and now you hardly see 'em, at least on men. For me, I just go for what looks good on me, and given that I have slightly thick thighs, a bootcut does help to create a straighter line. Quote: Originally Posted by videocrew I'm not much of a bootcut afficionado, but the J Crew Essential Chinos are great: http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/Mens...0284/60284.jsp As are the broken in...
For Elvis impersonators only... Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota For me...? Brown suede.
Check these out. I'm starting to see men wearing these. Not often, but I do see it. Are these a fashion Faux paux, or are ugg's daring and dashing for men? http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/2792110/...bo=2378678&P=1 http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/2941444/...bo=2378678&P=1
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