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dude, shut the fuck up with your useless crap. Quote: Originally Posted by jet Can't believe you cheated on me with that white denim brah.
Nice! Makes it easier for me. Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 Thanks. I pretty much grab any jacket from my closet with these. I am really sold on these. I enjoy the price point and slimmness quite a bit.
Word, back to pants.
Don't worry, everyone. It's Jet's time of the month. I sent him a recommendation which will help him be more prepared for his next cycle.
lol, right on, bro! I think you'll find my style recommendations right on your period. I mean point! Quote: Originally Posted by jet I'm going to follow my friend's advice to not argue with an idiot because you'll just beat me at your own game. PS. I accept your pm'ed apology.
Dude, see a psychiatrist. And get some meds. Way to reply every 3 seconds. Woops: Do not feed the troll!
Yeah, it attracts the low self esteem losers such as yourself. :-)
Nice pickups. Are the cords and white pants true to size? Or should I size down? Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC From the online J Crew sale, vintage cords and 5-pocket white pants:
Do straight leg J. Crew's fit to size? Or, are they slightly large-ish requiring a size down?
Which brand of jeans are those, playah. Quote: Originally Posted by Fiddy Just posted these to the PS thread, but thought I would post them here as well. Just received these PS corso boots...
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