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I was perusing the thread on v-necks, and it confirms the uselessness of turning to some phantom internet community for "advice". Here is a profile of the typical Styleforum member: 1. male, between 18 and 30 2. affluent, or with access to credit cards which allow for extravagant spending over the short term 3. very thin 4. extremely sensitive emotionally, evident in the form of name calling on the internet, and trying to gain some illusory sense of status through...
OP: most of the members of this board are well to do, highly emotional sensitive young men with a strong interest in esthetics, which displays itself in the form of endless manipulations of minutiae of dress, towards the goal of becoming as unobtrusive as possible to the "masses," while hoping to impress a few dozen or hundred regular board members on sufu and styleforum. If you really want to subject yourself to the meanderings of this cult, be my guest, otherwise...
Harold's Chicken Shacks and Aunt Kizzy's are both very overrated. Wildly overrated, actually. BUT, Roscoe's is indeed the real deal.
They look like they fit right now. Which doesn't bode well for their fit once they shrink. Quote: Originally Posted by otc I grabbed some of the Khaki STFs at the state street macys today. I need some advice. I've never done the STF thing before so do these look like keepers? If I should keep them, what's the best way to go about shrinking them? Wear them for a few days and then hop in a bath tub? Thanks.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Emo post of the night award! Quote: Originally Posted by mikejones Are you fighting for the Sarcastic Idiot Arrogant Teen award for SF tonight? Part of the question was which was better, and was the publicaly approved choice worth the price tag. Should I say it again more slowly for you, sweetie?
So don't waste people's time by asking for opinions on bags you can't afford.
Nice jacket. It's up to you to decide if the price is worth it. I found a bomber jacket about a year or two ago for $30, and I'm still wearin' it, lovin' it. Quote: Originally Posted by Kodiak I'm looking for a spring jacket. I found this Shades of Greige one, but then I've heard that its not as good as it looks on Context. I really like the back/shoulder details. Do you guys think it's worth the $174 and if not, can you recommend some other...
Gap's attempts to elevate itself from mundane mall brands will never work if they continue to use 50 year old obese American men as their standard for fit.
Option A: find another woman (or man in many cases on this forum) Option B: whine on an internet forum.
The color looks like dogshit. :-) Quote: Originally Posted by jet
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