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Pretty obvious bdeuce and jet are the same person.
Dude, you have no life. You have 5,000 posts and you still look like shit. Who the fuck has time to post 5,000 times? Get a life.
I think it's cute when skinny gay white guys try to adopt "ghetto" slang. What's up my nigga!
Just buy a $400 shirt, you'll be good.
It's gonna be so ugly watching most of you crash and burn. Better off buying $400 shirts...
Thanks for the carhartt link, hillbilly. Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's All I know is my bottom line looks better and I dress better. As far as my personality is concerned the OP hasn't a clue. I've been described as a cross between Ghengis Khan, Atilla the Hun and Einstein. I do what I want, take what I want and can figure out the way to make it happen.
Take a look at how terrible SF'ers look in the WAYWT threads and that'll break your habit instantly.
It's that time of the month again. PMS is NOT a myth.
#8: If there is an additional characteristic that was not mentioned in the original post, it's that approximately 1/3 of forum members are likely homosexual. An additional percentage are likely not 'out' yet, or are experimenting with their sexuality (bisexuality, are in denial, etc.). The two combined may constitute approximately half of all forum members. I would guess that nearly all of the other half of forum members are highly emotionally sensitive men, who find it...
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