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#11 on typical styleforum member: throws internet tantrums, utilizing to the best of his ability, underdeveloped forearm muscles barely flickering with life while tapping keyboard furiously under pale skin which never sees the light of day. Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 Seriously, get the fuck out of this thread. I haven't read anything you have written on this board other than this thread and you are annoying as shit. SHUT THE FUCK UP PLEASE....
How are those $400 shirts working out for you, buddy? Quote: Originally Posted by jet Sounds sweet, almost too sweet any pics?
I haven't forgotten about you, man! I did, however, forget to update my typical styleforum member list with the following: advocates buying $400 shirts, because he believes it will fill the empty space of his soul which should contain his self esteem... Quote: Originally Posted by jet You lying pussy.
Thanks for that, man, it's time to update the "typical styleforum thread" he he. PS: take a look here to see what xchen looks like irl:
double post.
Jet/bdeuce's rants are becoming more and more incoherent. It's just funny watching this douche spiral downward.
Don't worry, Jet (aka bdeuce) is too busy getting bent over right now taking it up the ass to worry about your reply, lol.
And I hereby declare Jet as the queen fag most willing to take it up the ass from 2sweet, online and IRL.
Thanks for admitting that bdeuce and jet are the same member. Normally I would recommend a lobotomy for a waste of sperm like yourself, but it looks like you've already had one.
No problem, man. I know how much you love hanging off my nuts trying to get a quick suck. Quote: Originally Posted by jet Quick! squash him before he gets away, ah fuck too late. He'll be back, he pops in-n-out every few seconds just to check this thread because he got demoted to waterboy. Perhaps I should change my location to "under 2dumb's skin" B what you think?
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