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curse my big feet
The A2 is a classic, goes well with almost everything and its pretty conservative and a safe bet.
Does anyone know how the sizing on prada creepers work? I'm a sz45 in CPs with about 1/2 an inch of extra space. Would size 11 prada creepers work for me?
Finally found a pair of blue kukini free running shoes in my size
Are those grosgrain oxfords in the webstore yet? I can't seem to find them.
-_- these N4s look amazing
hmmm I think I would rather have a pair of black leather side/back zips rather than those combats, and that's about $200 over my budget, thanks though guys
If anyone spots any good or zips or derbys under 800 tts45 gimme a holler I'm craving for some new shoes
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