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If anyone spots any good or zips or derbys under 800 tts45 gimme a holler I'm craving for some new shoes
Those are pretty awesome I just figured out that stylezeitgeist is a treasure trove of great shoes
Need some new running shoes, any shops still have 12s in stock?
must resist
Is there anywhere that I can pick up some running shoes in US12s?
I agree with Jet after viewing that gallery, all I felt was a meh
I know you said you were thinking about some designs for warmer weather a while back Drew, have you come up with anything yet or am I gonna have to cop a T1 for the summer?
What do you guys think about this derby? http://shop.tres-bien.com/brand/welcome/cordovan-derby-black
Is the wool MA-1 light enough to be worn as a SS piece?
Any way to fix some scuff marks on white CP achilles?
New Posts  All Forums: