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Its the welles i hate the weird diamond stitching on the side. Should I just cut my losses and just wear these when I need to or does florsheim still that make shoes of actual quality?
I had to buy a pair of florsheims as a clutch pair of dress shoes and they were $80, I can't return them now because I've worn them outside, I can only exchange, so are there any pair of florsheims that are actually good quality and worth the price?
I'm 21, 6', 185, a bit on the chubby side. chest circumference 41' waist circumference 38.5
I was just notified that I have a pharmacy interview this friday!!!!! Wtf! I need a suit ASAP! I have a mall nearby with jcrew/barneys/nordstrom/neiman what's the best suit otr that I can get for 400ish?
Any plans on releasing the new coats this month drew?
Finally my search is over, haha, thanks bl@ster.
How's the quality on those shoes blaster? Seriously looking to pick one up.
Sorry brain fart, the suede bucks/saddle/or longwings priced at 200-300. I just think I need some of that suede swag this fall as its casual enough to wear with jeans but nice enough to suit up with.
What do you guys think are some good alternatives to McNairys?
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