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What are your favorite frame brands in the 200-300 range CC?
I know exactly what you mean. I live in Texas and told some of my friends I was thinking about picking up a TOJ piece, they just looked at me like I was insane.
I love reading this thread and learning more about TOJ philosophy. Really excited for the winter pieces
Can anyone confirm and tell me what price? I would love to proxy this if it's still available for a lower price.
Is this a good deal for this uniqlo peacoat?
Its the welles i hate the weird diamond stitching on the side. Should I just cut my losses and just wear these when I need to or does florsheim still that make shoes of actual quality?
I had to buy a pair of florsheims as a clutch pair of dress shoes and they were $80, I can't return them now because I've worn them outside, I can only exchange, so are there any pair of florsheims that are actually good quality and worth the price?
I'm 21, 6', 185, a bit on the chubby side. chest circumference 41' waist circumference 38.5
I was just notified that I have a pharmacy interview this friday!!!!! Wtf! I need a suit ASAP! I have a mall nearby with jcrew/barneys/nordstrom/neiman what's the best suit otr that I can get for 400ish?
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