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What do you guys think are some good alternatives to McNairys?
What are some recommendations for shoes I could buy this winter? I live in Texas so it doesn't get that cold, 21, mostly jeans/khakis. This is probably gonna be my first "nice" shoe purchase, I'm down for anything from wingtips to sneaks, price 200-300. Used is alright.
Any idea on when you're gonna be getting more corter leather 14oz standard belts Jay?
Are there any coupons available right now?
OH I didn't know you could get that done. Thank whodini!
Ok so I just got my Japan Blue x Momotaros hemmed and I thought that the tailor understood that I wanted to keep the original hem of the jean at the bottom..not the case. I got my jeans back today and she had cut off the original hem and sewn a new one. Is there any way to fix this or am I just fucked?
So dope.
So before I spring for the Makr bag I'm wondering if it'll be big enough to carry about two full sized textbooks and a spiral for school. I don't wanna have to buy a backpack and then have to carry my books . If I'm going to be carrying a lot of books should I be looking to buy the duluth pack instead or maybe this layerxlayer wayfarer? What do you guys think about buying a natural canvas one? I'm a little worried about it getting dirty but I've read that the patina and...
Oh sweet, thanks for mentioning that Makr sale. What opinions do you guys have on the Makr rucksacks?
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