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Yep he is. Drew couldn't answer any more sizing questions without losing his sanity.
How many pieces are you coming out with this winter Drew? We have pea/duffle/parka, should we expect anything else?
Would snow damage the lambskin? /completely oblivious
Would a lambskin a2 bomber be appropriate for winter?
The uniqlo+J pea looks great.
If you guys wanna check these out in person I saw a couple of pairs at my Neimans.
I need to cop a coat before I freeze to death waiting for new jawnz. Looking to buy a peacoat in M if anyone's selling.
just out of curiosity reedo, why do you think that jacket is bad?
Need recommendation for coats 300ish.
Anyone know what the quality is like on the Uni J+ peacoat and price tag?
New Posts  All Forums: