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SS to prove I'm not an idiot/trolling lol Fuck I hope I sized right.
thecorner They gave me a tracking code and right now its stating that the shoes are being shipped from a warehouse in Italy and once it comes to the states I'll receive a tracking code.
Anyone know how long it takes for CPs to arrive? Mine are being shipped from Italy apparently.
Thanks for all the info whodini, may the fades be with you.
It was this RB15X model. I'm trying to get my friend into raw denim and this was the first pair he chose because it felt the most comfortable for him because it was only 10oz and much softer than the other brands on the shelf. Does R&B denim generally have a good rep? I'm just hoping I didn't lead him astray here because I told him fades would be awesome for raw yadayadayada.
Does anyone have any good fade pics for rag and bone denim?
I'm sure with a little bit more effort we could really turn this shit into a religion.
I love when you share your insight Drew, shit is enlightening.
I have to agree, APC PS is a great cut but yea he would really like a cut that isn't so tight.
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