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Can anyone compare the cuff opening of the slims on these with petit standards?
What do you guys think of these? http://peternappi.com/shop/mensboots/romeo/
http://sifrsite.com/collections/essentials/products/beanstalk-t-shirt-2 I want a new pair of shoes but I can't decide between these, what do you guys think?
also looking for someone to proxy some salt frames pm me please!
does anyone have pictures of the jacket for f/w 2013 with the knit sleeves and wool body? I just wanna stare at it again
this is beautiful, brings tears to my eyes
Saw your facebook post Drew, any idea what the new leather models "might" be?
from which retailer?
That's the perfect size for 41-42 chest I think, is that what you are epik?
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