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does anyone have pictures of the jacket for f/w 2013 with the knit sleeves and wool body? I just wanna stare at it again
this is beautiful, brings tears to my eyes
Saw your facebook post Drew, any idea what the new leather models "might" be?
from which retailer?
That's the perfect size for 41-42 chest I think, is that what you are epik?
Sorry for being so vague I'm mainly looking for black lace up boots or nice backzips and I really like the shape of 1. MA+ 2. Guidi 3. L0 but I'm having a hard time finding them in a tts 45, seems like everyone who sells their shoes have tiny feet
Ok, thanks guys, if the p2p of the slim large is 21-22, that's def what I need
Any lace up reccs around 800?
don't you find it a bit baggy gort? I have the same measurements and I find that a 21.5 p2p would be a good fit, if you don't mind would you post up a fit?
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