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I like the Regent fit with maybe a touch of waist suppression. You can get pretty much any buttons you want put on.
you only have 2 posts and both are bashing Alton lane.
Yes it does.Even if they truly believe he was armed unless he drew it on the officers and they were in imminent danger they should not have shot him.Well considering they killed the only person that could tell us the other side of the story......
No, but unless you know that, you can easily be pressured into signing a confession before your dollar store lawyer shows up.
Mormon vs muslim?I think the min wage should just be eliminated, let the market dictate pay. If someone is willing to work a job for 20 cents an hour so be it.
Its a hard business to "break into" but if he could get his "foot in the door...."
Madison fit?The Regent fit has higher armholes and side vents.
Thats what leases are for. BMW Ultimate Service - pay no maintenance costs for 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.http://www.bmwusa.com/standard/content/owner/bmwultimateservice/default.aspx
These are what I was going to recommend, any of the Mini's or 1 Series.
Why not just rent? Since you know how it should fit get it tailored as much as they will do, wear it a few hours, and dump it back off at the store the next day then never think about it again.
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