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Quote: Originally Posted by breakz I can't find these on If anyone is looking for those pumas in a sz 9, I have the white pair for sale ($45 shipped in us). Still new in box, bought a few months back. They run true to size I believe, Ill have to double check though.
Ah I really like those haversacks... will they be carried online at stevenalan? Perhaps this has been asked before, as it seems EG fits larger, but does EG fit well for anyone about 5'8" with a ~34" chest? I really like the line, I'm just afraid I won't be able to fit into it. I'm really interested in getting an Bedford in xs, though I thought it'd be best to check here.
Okay, so I grabbed these online during the APC sale and received them today. Unfortunately, they don't fit me, with the exception of the shoes. I won't keep this up long if no one wants the stuff so I can just send it back, assuming that I can. The prices are slightly higher than on the website, but that's just factoring in the tax and shipping I paid. BUY MY STUFF! Please. Located in Southern California, prices include shipping in US, payment with Paypal. Pics borrowed...
Since you're on the topic of boat shoes, if I'm regularly a US9 and a EU41, then a 41 in the boat shoes would be too small? Does anyone know if I can cancel one item from an order since it seems like the shoes may not fit me?
items working now for me.
I can't get it working either. What time do the B&M stores open? Chrono, do you have a pic of the chestnut wallet? Is it the zipper one? *nm, guess it's not in the sale
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