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Does anyway have the plain toe balmorals? http://www.barneys.com/Plain%20Toe%2...start=233&sz=1 i'm interested in gettting them, but am unsure of how they fit. Can anyway comment on the sizing these might have?
Price drop 280 shipped.
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Shoes still available. sz41 Canvas Laceups - $290 shipped
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Brand new in box, only tried on. Unfortunately a bit small for me. I can fit into them but would benefit from some more room. SOLD sz41
Prices include shipping in the US. Tim Hamiliton x Uniqlo Jeans (S) - $75 Sale pending Really nice slim fit and color (grey with a faint blue). Brand new, only tried on. I had planned to keep them so I took the tags off (I still have them), but the waist isn't going to work for me. Plokhov x Uniqlo Jeans (S) - SOLD Worn and washed a few times. Some fading near ankle. APC Western Shirt (XS) - SOLD Two buttons are sort of loose. Worn and washed several times. Swear...
I have the briefcase in otter. While I don't use it for school, I do use it to transport my laptop from place to place. For a small framed person like me, it's bigger than I'd like, but it is still very nice. For reference I'm 5'8" and the bag would be better for me if it were an inch shorter in width and height. Oh, if you plan on getting a filson bag, check ebay for some good deals. I got mine for about 140.
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