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I saw a lot of KMW and Cheap Monday denim which I think were less than $100, maybe $69 or something like that. Some Nepenthes NY vests and one EG vest with lots of pockets. Can't think of anything else aside from what akaidiot mentioned. The prices were good though.
In case anyone is interested, I went to Oliver Spencer today which had EG items for 30%. I saw a cotton? bedford in navy or black in a small, as well as the boatneck longsleeves. Saw some other items in mediums, larges, and xl as well.
I picked up the Nepenthes NY jeans a few days ago from Odin. The waist stretched out to a 15.5" (I'm a 29 waist) Hem 7.5" Inseam 34" Let me know if you'd like other measurements.
Yup, I remember seeing the black norwegian army pants at bloomingdales soho in 30,32, and 34 I believe and the green either in 32 or 34.
Got one as well, first to PM, though I might not be able to reply until later tonight.
Not really in any particular material/fabric, though I really liked the Navy Gabardine? one from the recent S/S season.
Some stuff that's not getting any wear from me! Prices include shipping CONUS, payment through Paypal. Shipping from CA. KMW Chinos $140 NEW tagged 29 Measurements from Context: Waist - 26" Rise - 12" Thigh - 11.75" Knee - 8" Leg Opening - 7.5" KMW Blazer $160 NEW tagged SMALL Measurements from Context: Shoulders - 16" Pit to Pit - 20.5" Sleeve Length - 27.5" Length - 25" Engineered Garments Jacket SOLD Not sure which one but looks like a fishing jacket only...
Does anyway have the plain toe balmorals? http://www.barneys.com/Plain%20Toe%2...start=233&sz=1 i'm interested in gettting them, but am unsure of how they fit. Can anyway comment on the sizing these might have?
Price drop 280 shipped.
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