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Quote: Originally Posted by mishon Are these the watches? I would say the French looks a bit more masculine (quite a paradox, I know). Both are quartz, if that makes any difference to you. Why not go for an automatic? Re the quartz/automatic thing, I tend to go for a look rather than a particular movement or mechanical quality. Cheers.
Mmm, tending to agree with the comments so far. The Francaise does look very neat and tidy with the metal bracelet, very compact. Worried it might look at a distance like the medium or smaller versions (i.e. like a woman's watch) Might be more of an issue with the regular rather than the chrono though... Not much of a price difference in the second hand market. In fact if anything the Francaise chrono prices are a bit stiffer..
Been looking at getting a Cartier Tank for a while. Whittled it down to a chrono in yellow gold with the yellow gold bracelet. Struggling to decide between the American or French versions. Interested in any opinions on which looks better. Has to be the chronoflex and has to be the gold strap though. Cheers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Quadcammer I really don't like black shoes. I'd say about 90% of the time, I'm wearing brown shoes. Obviously black shoes are a staple and you need a few pairs, but they are so uninteresting that I generally just get a wholecut or cap toe. give me a nicely patina'ed brown shoe every day of the week with both grey and navy. I can't be alone on this, but I'm sure I will get a bit Playing to the gallery here...
London Tan is a really great colour. Not seen Dark London Tan (is it really much different?) Either way, you will shit yourself first time they get scratched. A bell hop at the Fairmont Copley Plaza dropped one of my SAB pieces on the pavement (a Cambridge 19") - was about to kill the dude then thought how better they look a bit bashed up. Enjoy.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 Probably they don't anyone copying their designs Correct. But I need one. So if anyone works at Hermes or knows someone who works there and can get one then please PM me.
Quote: Originally Posted by onix Which store did you visit? New Bond Street. Relevance?
Quote: Originally Posted by onix Hermes has catalogs by season, but there is no such thing as "whole tie catalog". Oh, so the big tie catalog I looked through with the sales assistant and then spoke to customer services about is a figment of my imagination?
My New and Lingwood collars are only slightly less cutaway. Mine are somewhat deeper though...
Quote: Originally Posted by NonServiam Me too! I would choose a Pie-Pan Constellation over most expensive dress watches available today. Fantastic dials, high quality movements and dirt cheap (well, compared to today's high end dress watches). This is my pie-pan, photo taken New Year's Eve. I really like that photo. Great watch. I want one
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