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Nice Bike, I love Looks, prior to my purchase I was strongly considering the 566. I'm kind of surprised with the black and red paint, when you mention Rock Racing , I would have been expecting a Black/green color scheme.
Congrats, you've been eyeing that piece forever. I recently came across a preowned for $400, that I strongly considered as a nice alternative to my compact (unfortunately I waited too long). I too hate the manipulation of the safety on the PX4, but I like the gun too much to let it go at this time. We'll have to meet up soon.
True, and the guy from Philly didn't initiate the incident by following the shooting victims (using this term loosely as I feel UNG was justified) around. The 4 guys were the aggressor, and UNG was placed in the position in which he was forced to react and defend.
None of us know this kids intentions, but from the evidence provided, he apparently did a poor job of being a burglar given the fact he went out to get snacks and was found only with skittles and an ice tea. In addition, while criminals do break into homes acting solo, it is far less common for a teenager to break in to a home alone. It's a good chance, he was simply going to the store to get snacks. I'm not quite sure why one would assume he was up to no good.
Justin that video is hilarious, his range idiot song is pretty funny also.
We really do need to set something up soon. I love shooting, unfortunately I hate buying ammo.
I don't know why, but for some reason I find the RX lacking in character. I have a cousin who drives a RX, and for the brief moment I've driven hers, or the one my wife received as a loaner, I never found myself excited or overly impressed. Disclaimer: I've yet to drive an Enclave, however I've always found them to be a stylish alternative to the Acura MDX.
I personally prefer the styling of the Buick. It's somewhat reminiscent of American Luxury from the past.
I'm surprised you got to handle one, I can't seem to find a store that has one on the shelf.
Quote: Originally Posted by JakeLA Bush's FEMA head during Katrina was a former horse-show lawyer who got the job because he was best friends with Bush's previous FEMA director, who was an old Bush family political hand with no emergency experience either. Just before he quit, this other Bush appointee, Joe Allbaugh, awarded a no-bid $140 million contract to provide water in emergency situations to a company Alabama with no experience in water...
New Posts  All Forums: