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I hope you guys could help. I own one pair of Aldens which I picked up on my last trip to US. It's the Alden for Brooks Brothers shortwing on Plaza last in 8.5C. This is by far the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned. I also fell in love with the quality of Alden shoes so I am keen to buy more. Would it be safe to say that if I now choose to get a pair of longwings on the Barrie last, I should also stick with the C width or would the D width be ok after a...
Try these guys
I thought I'll add this too. This is from Ethan at The Armoury: Carmina lasts Inca - Widest last and waist for wide feet (EE width) Rain - Like the Inca but with a chisel toe (EE width) Soller - A boot last like Robert, fits like a double E. Forest - Standard width with round toe (E width) Uetam - Similar to Forest but a shade narrower (E width) Robert - Like the Simpson but more room in the toe box (E width) Queen - an E width, similar to Alcudia but shorter Alcudia -...
I would love to pick up five myself. I'll send you a PM.
Steven at Herr Blick is amazing. He does really good classic styles and is based on Collins Street. He's very pricey though.I have heard good things about the Melbourne Barber Shop as well. I will go there in a couple of weeks to check them out.
I have had an Ariston cotton navy blazer made by PJ which fantastic to wear with jeans etc. I never leave home without it when I'm dressed causally. I've had it for over a year now and it has that nonchalant creased casual look about it. It pretty much goes with anything. I highly recommend it.
Yes. These are my sizes!
Hi Guys, I mostly lurk here but if anyone is interested I have some shoes I am clearing out of my wardrobe. Crockett and Jones Lowndes, Herring Churchill and Grenson Radleys all in size 8 UK I'm in Melbourne if anyone wants to view or try.
Got it, I found the measurements. Thanks
Hi Karl, I assume the measurements you give on the website (ie rise, thigh, knee and leg opening) for the Air-G's are for size 31. Are they much different for size 30?
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