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run a flame over the suede and the worn parts/longer 'hairs' will singe off
maybe interesting to note, there are several manufacturers of good year welted shoes that have introduced additional steps, better materials and more staff etc - see Alfred Sargent for example, just a few years ago their shoes were no way near as good as they are now - the price of their shoes did almost double of course.
I have only ever done it over a flame, boiling water might do it though
If you warm up the back of a spoon and run it over the cracked area it will sort out the cracks, then give it a buff and it will be all sorted
i think its made by Dains and Hathaway (a lot of Picketts stuff is). a few differences, 1 compartment vs 2 but only 2-3 cm deeper. Half the price though.
very nice!looks similar to my foster & son one (plain black bridle leather) but yours has a gusset all the way around?sorry about the dreadful photos!
I just said the same thing in another thread, but in my opinion i think the best otr suits available in that price range are from ede and ravenscroft. Others use the same manufacturer (or did a decade or so ago) but usually charge more for them or have far less configurations (SB/DB 1/2/3 button, pleated/flat front trousers etc) or choices of cloth.
go to the chancery lane branch of ede and ravenscroft for a suit in that case, very good quality and a very fair price you cannot go wrong with them - also look into their MTM options while you are there if you are curious.
here is what Id do in your situation: get 2 acceptable suits at marks and spencer - these will last long enough until you can afford to replace them with something a bit nicer at a later date. if you get one mtm suit it will get worn out very quickly. you can take them to a tailor and have basic alterations made to improve the fit. invest in two pairs of good shoes, I like Crockett and Jones 337 handgrades (as they fit better than anything else ive tried). I recommend...
Hat sizes have certainly changed over 80 years, try getting a vintage tophat in a large size today!
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