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My ivory shirts look like old white shirts that have been put through a dark wash while my cream shirts look like old faded yellow shirts... according to my wife. i like them though, and don't own a single white shirt.
maria sharapova is no where near 50
as far as i remember its the benchgrade line that goes on sale, with few handgrade shoes. i remember someone saying the sale shoes were seconds but i dont think they were last year...
anyone know when the next crockett and jones london sale is? seem to remember it was around this time last year...
you really need to adjust your braces, i suspect that will sort out your trousers!
I have a friend who uses Benson and Clegg, he is in dubai now - and im sure he said they have visited... they do a decent MTM too. might be worth giving them a call
in the past ive had suits from both, i think at the time they were made by the same manufacturer. the aquascutum suits ive seen recently are quite different, slim lapels and trousers. Id def go for ede and ravenscroft, chancery lane branch is the best, the staff there are fantastic.
when i lived in fulham i used to pass it and the bespoke boot maker on the same road quite often, it was always packed back then and i know a few people who still use them. they turn out very good suits in my opinion.
Sims are def a little pricer, i think the construction is quite a bit better (more handwork on my sims vs GB), the customer service miles better - its the main reason im sticking with them.
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