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very nice!looks similar to my foster & son one (plain black bridle leather) but yours has a gusset all the way around?sorry about the dreadful photos!
I just said the same thing in another thread, but in my opinion i think the best otr suits available in that price range are from ede and ravenscroft. Others use the same manufacturer (or did a decade or so ago) but usually charge more for them or have far less configurations (SB/DB 1/2/3 button, pleated/flat front trousers etc) or choices of cloth.
go to the chancery lane branch of ede and ravenscroft for a suit in that case, very good quality and a very fair price you cannot go wrong with them - also look into their MTM options while you are there if you are curious.
here is what Id do in your situation: get 2 acceptable suits at marks and spencer - these will last long enough until you can afford to replace them with something a bit nicer at a later date. if you get one mtm suit it will get worn out very quickly. you can take them to a tailor and have basic alterations made to improve the fit. invest in two pairs of good shoes, I like Crockett and Jones 337 handgrades (as they fit better than anything else ive tried). I recommend...
Hat sizes have certainly changed over 80 years, try getting a vintage tophat in a large size today!
the manager of the smaller c&J shop told me recently that if they made the shoe in question then the Knumber is what is needed to check the last etc, so it does look like they were made by crockett and jone
but they wont do a factory recraft, they will look into it and if they didnt make it tell you so but that they can resole it and that they will send to a approved cobbler (Koko if in london)
id email the Crocket and jones factory and ask if they will re-sole it (what ever shoe/boot you suspect is made by Crockett and Jones), if they say no then they wont have made it
In my experience they usually claim they are made in house (Cleverley rtw for example, but the ex manager confirmed it to me recently)
interesting thread idea I'm getting a bespoke double breasted DJ made in a black mohair mix cloth from my regular tailor and a tan linen shirt jacket from a shirtmaker in Ealing (!) who has promised to make me a dressing gown if I can find suitable fabric. Then I have some MTMOshoes on order at Foster and son and pair of blue/black velvet slippers from Broadland. Im getting these made up at Foster & Son (no longer stocked)
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